You Got Home-Schooled!

Ally Adair-Chung joins us on the show to discuss everything from botched baby deliveries to home schooling. After this episode consider yourself schooled 😉


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Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there. And welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. And today’s guest is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Um, she is doing amazing work out in Southern California. Beautiful things around home schooling. Also, she shares that spirit of personal responsibility and taking personal responsibility, Um, to another level. Or these days, really any at all is a freaking miracle. Her name is Ali, a deer Chung and we are super super excited to have her on the show.

I really hope you enjoy the conversation just as much as I did. First things first, Go ahead and text in home school to 8449923 That’s 8449923733 Text in the word home school and we’ll send you out. Today’s show notes. You can learn yourself a little bit more about what we talked about. Come on, let’s go. Yeah, yeah. Mhm, Yeah. Mhm! Mhm! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Mhm! Mhm! Yeah, yeah, she’s sleeping. Hopefully she stays sleeping, But hey, that’s real life. If she doesn’t, that’s her life. It’s all good. That’s what anything’s for.

But yeah, she’s really good. I mean, she was 35 weeks. So that’s why we ended up emergency C section while going to the hospital. Because our midwife legally can’t until 36 weeks. And then, yeah, I found out she was doing lots of tumbles in there and had the cord wrapped four times and was breached, So they’re like, we need to get her out. How are you doing? Recovery wise. Uh, I mean, good as I can. I guess I first was an emergency C section. That’s a rough. Yeah, that’s a rough recovery, but my other two were home births.

Uh, yeah. So you can totally do it. You just need a midwife. Who knows what they’re doing, who’s done it before. But you can absolutely not do that again if you want to. And it works out. You know, I think people good care of yourself. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. That’s the big thing. Is I I just wanted to heal up. You know what I mean? Because she that was pretty intense situation. Yeah, well, I didn’t read anything about it because I didn’t expect to go through it. so I was like, Oh, my God, I don’t know how women choose to schedule that.

I’m like, I don’t either. Because I had the labor pains. I was like, I’d rather have that because you have to take care of yourself and then a baby like, thankfully, Brad’s amazing, But I don’t I can’t imagine. Yeah, I can’t either. But just take a care and wait to move because I didn’t wait, and that was not worth it. Just wait until they give you clearance to, like, really start lifting things and doing things. Give yourself lots of grace. Hey, I like that. I need your abdominal surgery.

So lots and lots of great. If you didn’t used to the house being a mess slightly, It’s okay. Yeah, exactly. It’s not a permanent state. No, no. And it’s it’s It’s all good, you know? I mean, yeah, I think again, all things considered, it’s, uh, double miracle, baby. Right? So I’m just super happy. I’m not sure how much you know. Did did you know, I I guess we haven’t talked to her. I don’t know why we’re good of, uh, yeah. So, like she was born five weeks early.

Um, but she was breached, uh, and had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck four times. So, like she was, like, choking out and like, yeah, had her water broke, we probably would have lost baby because her feet would have went through the birthing canal and she would’ve been hung, basically hung herself. That wasn’t even the bad part. It was just the fact that they knew we wanted a home birth, and they definitely treated us differently in the hospital. I have experience with that. And that’s rough because my third, we had to go to the NICU from home.

Uh, so I’ve I’ve been there. I I get it. It’s a lot. Just it’s a lot. Also, don’t underestimate how much emotional recovery needs to happen from that experience. Because if you don’t, then it comes up later in really weird not great ways. So just let yourselves Hell, that was a lot. Yeah, for sure. Gave me a lot of motivation to change things like we want to start our own hospital. Yeah, I’m like, Well, and that’s the thing, because that’s a thing. Please do it. We just that’s like it’s become one of my biggest fears taking my kids to the hospital because navigating it safely has become a real issue.

Yeah, well, that’s and the thing is, is that what we have is insurance companies that dictate medicine. Right there. They are dictating what the what the treatments and the care is for patients. We have legislators dictating medicine. So Yahoo ready for them? Yeah, it’s just nuts, right? And it’s It’s, uh um, there’s there’s no holistic, um, component to it, right? Like me. I I like to take the best of everything, right, because I mean again, it was it was a a modern technological miracle. That baby was born, and they’re both here safe and like, Perfect, right?

I mean, all of that technology is amazing. And I do call it modern technology and not modern medicine, because I will argue the medicine part all day long, right? Because to me, it’s not medicine. What they do with their pills and all that stuff. It’s not, um that’s more of a sick care system, right? Right. And then they just kind of keep you sick. And they do these weird things, right? Put a band aid on it. and but it’s not just a Band Aid. It’s a Band Aid.

That’s got side effects that, like, you know what I mean. Well, if you use this Band Aid, you might also get diarrhea. And you’re like, Well, that sucks. Like fallout from the Mets they gave you. Well, they diagnosed me with clamps. Yeah, but the only symptom I had was like high blood pressure. And then I feel like they were the ones that kept rising it because they would come in more often and check it, and I couldn’t go outside. And I was like, Oh, my goodness. So, yeah, they put me on these meds, but I actually had to call 911 the other morning because the meds lowered it solo.

So then I just stopped taking the meds, and I’m like, Yeah, her lips were blue, You know what I mean? Like it was I was just like Jamie at Christmas, And just the day before we were at the doctor and she was explaining to the doctor, Yo, this is not right. Yeah, She’s like something’s not right with this meds. And she knew it was the meds we did. You know. I mean, they just told her out. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Going home. Yeah, because forget forget the patient.

The patient doesn’t matter in the process. Just numbers. Wild man products. It’s not. Yeah, glad you listen to your intuition and stopped. Yeah. Trying to kill me. We can’t have these free thinking. People are around. Yeah. No, not at all. Right. What? No, I mean, we can’t have free thinker or logical thinkers in any way. I mean, I could go on and on. I mean, there was just it was some negligible things on their part, But again, I you know, people like, just you should sue their butts, you know?

And I’m just like, man, I’m not going to give them any more of my energy. Like they got a whole week, a whole six days of me pissed in their in their prison, and it was, and they because they repeatedly threatened us with CPS, right? Calling CPS because we were like something wasn’t right. It was just weird. The baby came out perfect, went right to breastfeeding for 55 minutes in post op. Congratulations. Like immediately. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, right, So glad she got that opportunity.

Not every P family even gets that opportunity right after. That’s true. It was. It was, and it was great. And they’re like, Oh, man, she’s awesome. She’s doing so well. They’re like usually we would have to hold her for 24 hours because of her. She’s pre me, you know, And the whole situation. She’s But the, uh, the nurses, the head nurses there they were like, But you know what? We’re only gonna hold her for six hours and then we’ll bring her to your room. Well, 45 minutes an hour later, they come running into the room to get me and say, there’s something wrong.

So I go to the to the thing and I don’t know what’s going on. But anyway, they just said we have to do all these things. I was like, Okay, whatever. Anyway, we’re getting discharged six days later and they come in, they say, Oh, you mean knowing three nurses come in and the head one of the floors like, Oh, no one. No one told you. Oh, wait. No, Uh, no. No one told you. I can’t believe no one told you. You actually saw what happened is when she came into the NICU.

We gave her the wrong fluids. We put her on on sugar fluid and spiked her blood sugar. That’s the reason she was there for the whole time. How cool is that? They told me as we’re leaving. Yeah, as we bring with our discharge paper with our discharge paper. Just right. Of course. And it took him forever. And I know they were dreading that that, but by then I didn’t care. I was seriously, I wanted. Yeah, I was like, Dude, I’m in the clutches of the freaking belly of the Dragon Beast goddess.

Whatever I need to do. Yeah, fine. Yeah. High five. Yeah. You want me to stand on my head over here? Fine. What? What? What? You know what I mean? They’re, like, feed your baby 45 mL and her stomach, like, 20. And you’re like, Dude, I’m trying to jam. It was just one thing after another, and it was just It was It was kind of a It was a thing. Like, the hospital will be started, though, because our midwife said that same week she had to transfer five, and that’s like she’s never, ever had to transfer so many.

So they forced us into situations, I think, and something good will come out of it. Yeah, it’s tackling fuel, right? It’s just more energy. It’s It’s more again a reminder, because I grew up home, homeopathic, and I, um, and natural as much as much as you can write again. It’s the blending of both both worlds. Like, of course, I’m so grateful we have that technology because I might not have me baby or or my wife here. You know what I mean? But that doesn’t mean then you just go full, full bore and say, Okay, well, now I’m going to eat all your Viking in and all this stuff, And that’s another thing.

They were pushing opiates in the no, and I was like, That’s that’s That’s not That’s not cool. You don’t push opiates. Do we have an opiate fucking pandemic right now? You don’t push opiates. What are you doing? Because they were just They were trying to scare her into taking fucking drug. Well, and they won’t let you do any. When you’re in the hospital, they won’t let you do any of the things that no natural stuff to help with your pain. How is your pain? Is your pain okay?

She’s amazing with the pain. Yeah, she didn’t, but she just didn’t want the opiates. She was like, I don’t like the way they feel. Yeah, she was like, I don’t want to be Hi. I’m giving me a guilt trip for not taking them. Yeah, right. I was like What? Like I’m very confused. Usually it’s the other way where it’s like, you know, they’re trying to not give you the pain pills. Now, all of a sudden, they’re, like, just Yes, please, Please, maybe, I don’t know. I don’t know what happened.

It’s just I don’t know. I don’t know. Well, I’m glad you guys are home, and all three of you are safe. And I’m so sorry you had that experience. But I’ve had two successful H backs. Okay, so too. And I was like, I’m healthy. But they decided because I have a genetic condition that that when I our first baby, we went like telepathic and they decided I was high risk from the beginning. So they predetermine the outcome. So even though I did everything to avoid it, they did everything they could.

And I had, like, a really Our first birth was really traumatic. Crazy situation ended up with a goose egg on my head because they slammed me on the surgery greed table so hard What? They were so mad at me for fighting back and pushing back the entire time that they got a hostile with you. Oh, yeah, they physically. So I had a goose egg like this big Oh, my staples were twisted. It was all kinds of crazy, but But we healed from that experience we learned from that experience.

I am like, people will always say, Well, at least you have a healthy baby and yeah, that’s great. Um, and, you know, amazing. I’m so glad you guys are all well, but that almost, like, hurts to hear because you’re like it still was a serious experience that we went through. But we healed from that, and I was able to have to incredible empowering, redemptive home births that, like my daughter when she was born, and it was so amazing that like, yeah, my daughter was born at home and it was wonderful.

My son was born at home, and all of my other babies crawled in the pool right after he was born. So his first touch his first words sounds. Fields were all from the four of us in the birth tub together in our home. So I had this. I had the awful that, you know, I had all of that stuff and we came out on the other end. So it doesn’t mean that you have to do that ever again if you don’t want to. And it works out that way.

That’s awesome. Thank you for that. Those words of encouragement because it’s, uh yeah, that was definitely a concern, right? Because, well, the doctor said to you know, no, you won’t be able to I don’t know. I know. I know better than listen to those people. I mean, at this point, you’re just like, bro, get out here. I don’t care what you say. Not that I really cared before, but the baby and rest and recover Well, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So this is actually probably one of the coolest conversations.

Um, we’ve had in awhile, especially around this, uh well, I mean, it just, I guess, to be fair, it just happened. Right? So that’s, uh I mean, our midwives are great. Oh, midwives are awesome. Abdullah, Abdullah is awesome. Midwives in general are such a gift. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Without a doubt, without a doubt. Yeah. So, Ali, how do you How do you pronounce your last name is a deer chung or a hair like a dare dare? Yeah, I dare you dare. Okay, I like it. I like it. Awesome.

We’ll just kind of, um, like, I guess we can keep We can start. I just want to kind of have you given intro like, Well, we can, like, plug in all the, you know, the production post production like intro and all that later. But, like, just what we can I’ll just do this little bit right here and then we’ll just have you introduce yourself, and then we’ll just, uh I guess Keep going. I don’t know why the first part was awesome. So I don’t know why we would even admit that at all, because that’s so important.

And again, I think, having hearing you say that, um, not not just for us. but for lots of other people would love to hear. Well, that’s a success story. And then chop it up into one or something. Oh, that’s a great idea. Yeah, and getting in touch with people, let me know, because I’m really close with our midwife and she could absolutely connect you. No, we would love that absolutely again, because this is a group effort, right? And that’s what we’re really trying to do with all this is community driven.

Um, and it’s going to take all of us to to come together because doing this individually kind of trying to sporadically, it’s, I mean, it’s just not really doing. We have to all collectively come together and say, Okay, we’re not doing this anymore. And that’s what I’m saying about I don’t I know nothing about hospitals, but I know about natural care. And, uh, the point is, I know who I’m looking for. And if I if it has to be us, you know what I mean. That are the catalyst for this change.

Because of this experience, whatever it’s going to be, that’s fine. Um, but it is. It’s about connecting. Consider what fear and stress does to the human body. So just creating an environment that’s meant for healing, that is so fear and crash, it’s so disconnected. Yeah, it’s the antithesis of what you’re trying to do. In the meantime, until we get our own hospital, I’m going to start a little side hustle of birth kits, so to say of and if I have to put it in, like hide it in a restaurant bag to sneak it into people like okay, but just getting them like prunes and lemon packets and, you know, natural magnesium.

We asked if we could bring magnesium in and they’re like, Yeah, we’ll have our lab test it. I was like, Oh, my God, I should have just lied. Yeah, and I with my youngest when we had to go to the NICU after the home birth, he ended up being fine. My midwife was just an abundance of caution. Had us go. Um, and then they literally told us they were keeping us until we liked hospitals. One of the doctors said that it was insane. You guys insane? Um right.

They because you’re in the NICU, I wasn’t allowed to have food or water in there and you can only have two people. Now you can only have one. And I have been through enough medical experiences with my Children at this point to know that I will never leave them unattended. Not for a second. Uh, it’s unfortunate that I had to learn that the hard way. But like if my Children are in care of someone, there just never They are never alone. So I could only eat or drink if I left the floor like left, my brand new baby.

So they’re starting to worry about John D s and not enough diapers. And I’m like, How am I supposed to start making milk for him? If I can’t eat, drink or sleep, tell me how that’s supposed to happen. And I’m like, You know, if you’re worried about this and this will bring him back for this or that But you need to discharge us if he’s safe. Because at that point we knew he was. He had every test under the sun and was healthy and gorgeous and the biggest baby in the NICU they’d ever seen because he was like, £9.

5 Wow, Happy baby. Um, and I literally had to argue with the doctor was like, You’re concerned he’s not getting enough milk. My milk has not come in and you’re not giving me food or water. How is my body supposed to make milk for him and had to get into this argument? So yes, sneaking in things that that women need to be able to recover, to feed their babies, to make sure baby’s getting everything they need is so important. It is so ridiculous that they keep those things apart.

And I just would walk down the hall and I’d see these other moms who were obviously like first time moms maybe didn’t have that, you know, And they’re just the way it’s set up, like those moms are being set up for. I don’t want to say failure. That’s not the right word, but set up for heartache set up for not being able to breastfeed, set up for feeling for second guessing every decision that they make, um, second guessing. Every time their intuition starts screaming at them the way it’s set up, there’s no way to avoid it unless you already know and come in with your armor on it.

just broke My heart just completely broke my heart. But yeah, it’s crazy that they don’t let moms have, like, the things, the basic things you need, um, in their studies on all the things you just listed, there are studies. There are medical studies in the medical journals that say that all of those things are gentler on the system. Gentler for baby. Um, and more effective prunes are more effective than the pills. They want to give you a gentler on this system. Like it’s just so mind boggling to me.

But yes, let’s go ahead. And you were talking. I know we’re going. Yeah. No, this is amazing. Yeah, no, today we’re supposed to be talking about home schooling, but I think we should talk about home schooling and all the freaking other amazing stuff. You know, I think here’s the thing, though. This is so important because this is the moment what we’re talking about right now, this is the exact moment where parents don’t stop trusting themselves. So even before they have their baby home like this is happening when parents are going in for their their pre their prenatal checks.

The way our system is created reinforces this idea almost that parents are stupid and I’m using air quotes because that’s not true, but makes them think they have to rely on experts to tell them what to think. How to think what to do makes them feel like their own intuition. And what, um, it’s gaslighting. It’s more gaslighting, absolutely. But it happens this early. This is when it happens. And by the time I families come to me and their kids are 7 to 14 years old and they have suffered trauma from the system and the parents have have the parents almost it’s almost like undoing Stockholm syndrome like to really get them to D school and go through that process and realize that those natural instincts that they had in the very beginning, those common sense thoughts that popped up and were shot down, that those were what they really need to rely on so that they can give their child everything that they know their child deserves and is capable of.

So, in talking about homeschool, this part is actually just as important because this is the moment when they start detaching you from that. Um, yeah, no, this is, like, very connected. Yeah, well, and that’s amazing what you do. Yeah, that’s that’s really cool. I love the work. You do? Um, yeah. Like I said, we’re supposed to talk about homeschooling. We talk about this and we’ll talk about everything with our very special amazing guest, Ali Adair Chung. Hello, Ali. Thank you for joining us. You wanna tell everybody who you are a little bit about yourself?

Yeah. So my name is Ali. I am a Southern California girl, which is kind of an iffy, iffy place to be from now. Used to be the best it used to be used to be. Um, yeah, but I am a second generation home schooler. Mother to three. Wonderful wildlings is what I call them. I’m married to my best friend. Um, and I work to empower parents. Um, especially when they’re starting their homeschooling journey. I’ve been working with homeschooling families, um, for about a decade, and I’ve worked with hundreds of families at this point.

Um, and that’s really what I’m passionate about is getting parents informed, following their intuition and empowered to do what’s best for their unique kids. Yeah, that’s really cool. That’s awesome. Right on. Right on. Right on. So how long you been doing it? Um, so I’ve been working with home schoolers for over a decade now. Um, I decided to start my own business this past year. Um, during the 2020 during 2020. Honestly, what triggered it was the C D. C. Regulations that came out for schools. So this was back in.

Um, was it May? It was back in May last year. CDC came out and said, Okay, our schools are going to need to, you know, separate. Like when they came out with that very first list. And I was like and I just got a deluge of people needing help and seeking help. And I was like, That’s it. I can’t. I’m like, I have to get to more people and support more people and figure out a way to be that stepping stone into what’s possible for them. Um, and at the time, I was working within the charter system in California and I realized it just wasn’t going to be able to make the impact with the restraints that that puts on me.

So starting my own thing. Yeah, well, congratulations. That’s actually, uh, freaking amazing. Um, I I really love when people, um what we do here anyway, at the freedom people, it’s kind of what we’re trying to do, right in the freedom podcast is just take action, right? Like instead of complaining about it or something like that. You know what? Now we’ll just we’ll build our own. We’ll do our own thing, then. No, that’s okay. I don’t agree. And and again, that’s that’s where, like, peaceful, um resistance. Peaceful dissidents, peaceful.

You know what I mean? Protesting. And it’s really just but again, it’s It doesn’t have to be that you go out and protest against something, and I think that that’s, um where we all kind of sometimes get caught up. Winner. We’re kind of trying to fight what we don’t want instead of trying to build what we do want. Exactly. Well, that’s what I love about what you guys are doing because I’ve been feeling and talking to people a lot about how it’s time to just create our own economy.

It’s time to just, you know, say look, we see what you’re doing, we see where you’re at, and, um not not that we’re going to stop fighting. But at the same time, I’m going to start focusing on making sure that this generation and the upcoming generation have a solid option. They have something they can go to and do, and we can stand because we stand instead of standing against. We stand together. I think we’re going to be even more powerful. Amen. Sister, That’s what I’ve been. Yeah, actually, that’s what we’re all about.

And we’re right there with you, And that’s where it’s like I’ve been saying it for many years. That bike’s broken. That system is broken, it’s busted. It’s like rusted. It’s like you’re not You’re not fixing that. It’s like and again, uh, and I love talking to everybody and anybody. It’s just me. I’m more of okay. I I personally don’t see and because of my you know I’m not that old, but I have been old enough to see many or not many but five presidents come and go and all the elections in between and all that crap and not one thing’s changed right since Reagan, it’s only gotten worse, and so again you’re not voting it in.

You’re not voting it out you know, this is, um Yeah. So and again, It’s just it’s it’s inspiring to meet people like you, right? Because it’s then it’s like, Okay, cool. It gives you more more jet fuel. You know what I mean? More of this, like tackling, feel like Okay, I can keep going because there are more people and we can do this. Like we were saying with hospitals. I know I don’t know anything about hospitals. I know that. What, what type of environment I want to raise my child.

And I know what type environment I want her to go to in case of an emergency. So let’s figure that one out. And I know surgeons. I know surgeons who are being the surgeons and doing the surgeon thing who hate the mask. And I know it’s all Bs, but they need their job, and it’s like, Well, okay, so there’s got There’s enough of us who are especially after this last year, who do not trust the pharmaceutical companies anymore. I mean, and I don’t know why people would in the first place, especially when it’s all about profit.

The trust, assuming there should be trust, is kind of a problem to start with their trust is something that should always be earned. You have to demonstrate that you are trustworthy. There’s a reason. So there’s an assumption that we should all be trusting. What’s happening is one of those things that drives me nuts. But that’s also why something like homeschooling has become so crucial because raising critical thinkers is one of our best defense. Is is one of the most pro 1000% we can be doing right. Oh my goodness, because that’s that’s That’s what we’re in this position for, I believe one of the biggest problems we’ve.

We’ve bred generations now of repeaters. You know, little repeater people regurgitate ear’s. They don’t because, I mean, but that’s how school was. That’s why I quit school because I hated school, because I I love to learn. I love learning. I love consuming new information, you know, I’ve just always been that way. And so I mean, that’s why I could do lots of stuff because I just wanted to learn. And I was just blessed enough to be born into the age of information with the Internet. Holy crap, right?

You know what I mean? When I was like, you know, a kid, the Internet. Here we go. You know? I mean, I’m 15, the Internet, like here, rocking, you know what I mean? And I’m, like, consuming all kinds of stuff, right? So But that’s not what school was about at all. So I was out of school at 15, you know? I mean, I was like, Later I don’t as soon as I could and I was already working construction and stuff. So I had a job and it was just like it was.

There was no way I could learn 10 times more on my own. Yeah, one of you know, one of the things. So I love history. I love studying history. I think it’s fascinating to look at the different perspectives of every time. And we have butchered history by teaching it in little sound bites and in the school system instead of in. It’s like totality but what you just said. And if you look back in history, some of our greatest minds are most prolific. Thinkers have been people who didn’t fit in school.

When I think about that, part of it hurts my heart because I think about how How many kids who could have been that? And we’re, you know, I slowed down. This is 1000% were turned off to learning so much because you look at the statistics about, like, Americans. Very, very few Americans have read a book in the last six months. Yeah, which is crazy. You got a lot of time on your hands. What else? Y’all do it? It was something like less than 10% or something like that. I can’t remember.

I’m gonna have to get that actual stat. But of course, that’s true. When you have put them through an education system that makes education so painful and so reading crap, it’s not exciting. Yeah, it’s completely inauthentic. Of course, you are going to create people who do not have any desire to seek new information and, like you said, devour the information and then take action on it. Do things? Uh, you know, we get to a place a lot of times when families start home schooling, they have to go through this d schooling process.

And in the beginning, their kids do not want to do anything. They don’t want to come out and say I want to learn this. I want to learn that because they associate all of those actions with painful work, right? I absolutely say, What do you want to learn? And they’re like, I’m not answering that question because they have such negative associations with that. And so it’s something you really have to work at work at a D schooling, working at getting them to a place where they can really love learning.

And then it’s incredible what happens from there, man. Amazing. I made this, and this is just such awesome stuff I love. I love talking to Ali and anybody else. Are you listeners out there? What I want you to do is I want you to text in the word home school 28449923 That’s 8449923733 and we’re gonna send you out. Today’s show notes later on, and we can get a little bit more in depth with what Ali is talking about, because I think that that’s a big problem. A big gap that we can fill is education because people don’t know.

I mean, not just like like the birthing stuff we’re talking about, but the homeschooling, I mean, all these different options, because the and I dare to say opposition. But there’s this this other side that just wants to kind of make everybody, um, again a regurgitate ER and not a free thinker and not not not ingenuity of people, right? Not creators and and builders. And and now everybody’s they just again. But this is a and and it’s just just played out. But it’s this socialist Communist kind of, uh, regime thing that’s happening now that’s being sold to everybody.

And and look what’s happening. These these stimulus packages What? These are our inner universal basic income that’s just being implemented, that people aren’t really right. And again, that’s what I’m saying. The education. And that’s why I think these talks that we have are are so freaking important and and how we connected and found, I don’t know. But that’s what you just have to keep this going in these connections. Yeah, well, the way I found you guys is because I was looking for I was looking to see if something existed, like a directory where we could find each other.

I was going to make it myself. And then I found, you know, like, there we go Wonderful. Yeah, there are. There are more of us out there than we realize. And when we connect, powerful things happen. But, you know, going back to what you’re saying about just the massive social shifts we’ve seen and the, um, in the social narrative, so much of that goes back to our education system. And if you look at the history of our education system, which I highly encourage every parent to do, I think it’s really, really important.

A lot of the fears and worries that people have about going into home schooling are based in, um, products of a system that wasn’t designed for your Children. So the more you understand the system and why their standards, who created the standards, what the standards were created for? Um, you know why? It’s why they’re in school for the hours there in school for, you know, once you understand all of that and why it was created, who created it? You know all of that stuff. It’s a lot easier to let go of that and really focus on what’s important.

What’s important is the growth and development of our Children. Um, and if you need, you know, just a suggestion. If you want a place to start the book. The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto. Very tough book to find. Um, it’s by our big book sellers. You have to grab it when it comes up. Any time I see it, I grab a bunch of copies and then I give them to whoever needs them. There you go. But that’s a really great place to start because the more we understand, the more power we have totally, totally the manipulation and the, um, the control over what is being fed to our Children and and through again these past generations to create them to what they are.

I don’t think that the general population really knows well. And I don’t know, like you said, there are more people that I do believe, of course, were informed. But the the the opposition narrative is so strong and especially when they when you control the airwaves. And then now there any dissenting voices, they’re just censoring you now. So now there is no more freedom of speech. Now we’re really, really slippery place, right? And that’s where again we can be in a slippery place or we cannot write. And it’s an immediate thing.

It’s just a decision to say no and you step aside and you are no longer in that game anymore. We’re no longer under your rules, and there is this thing and it’s called common law. It’s called God’s Law. You. We have these natural in in eight innate and inalienable rights that we can just We are of the land. Leave me alone. Don’t try to And but again, we are constantly voting into the system and paying attention to it right, And it’s like your blue side, red side.

You know Barbara, Barbara Barbara. It’s just like and once we can really educate people just a little bit more and just say, Yo, there’s options. Not only there’s options, but that is where your freedom is. You are not a free person, your indentured servant right now, if we could really help you to kind of understand that, you know? So one question that I love to ask, I I it’s probably yeah, it’s my favorite question to ask is what does freedom mean to you? Okay, uh, freedom means that I get to live and I get my family gets to live in a way that allows them to meet their fullest potential and be their happiest cells.

That’s nice. That’s nice. That’s a good one. That’s a good one. I’m not sure we had such an eloquent answer yet. Most people, because I’m home schooled. Boom. There you go. Well, that’s real, man. You know, like I have 17 nieces and nephews, right? And and some were home schooled. And I can just tell you I mean, it’s I mean, but looking again, it just it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that. It’s It’s okay. You have one on one versus 30 on one or, you know, one on 30 I guess, is the other right?

I mean, one trying to teach 30 and I mean again, and and it’s not in their interest to teach your child, right? But and I know we talked about this last time is like So even if it’s like someone like you, you’re a home school or right we can have if you were in our neighborhood, right or in our community we have HDC holistic development communities, whatever right? But say you’re in our community. You’re you’re the teacher of the block or whatever and you can teach 10 kids, right?

But it’s like those 10 kids and we’re we pay you directly, like cut out the whole middle man. Yeah, just before the common schools started, before the institutionalization of school started, that’s exactly what communities did. They came together. They hired a teacher, the parents. And here’s the thing. The bigger part of that is that the parents had a direct relationship with the teacher and what was happening in the classroom. It was a partnership in the community. It was a conversation together, and I think that’s another thing you know they have.

So they because they’re exploiting the biggest fear when it comes to educating our Children of the health of our Children that we will screw up our Children in some way or prevent them from having something. You know that that’s one of the biggest fears that parents have. And when you do something off the narrative, they really, really tap into that fear and say, Oh, but if you don’t follow the path, then all these things, But we have so much research that shows us that that’s not the case, not the case at all.

Homeschoolers outperform academically. They’re happier. They have less social emotional issues. They’re more engaged in their communities. They’ve read books well, and I think I think it’s the so right. Well, and us as people like as humans, we’re naturally curious, and we like to explore, and we like to learn and grow right. It’s like and it actually feeds you and that that was something I you know, I I come from a broken home, you know? No, father, all this stuff And like a lot of people, you know, and I never, ever used anything like that again.

That’s just the way I am. I, uh no excuses. I don’t give a crap what it is, you know? I mean, because and it’s just because I was I was able to see other people who had it a lot worse than I did, you know, as far as people would say, but didn’t let anything like that even touch them. You know what I mean? Like it was, they were came from way worse situation. Wait right, Right. No freaking legs. This dude has no legs, and he’s making shit happen.

You have nothing to complain about. Right? So right. So, yeah, growing up growing up like that, it was I kind of lost my train of thought. I don’t know what I was gonna say. You know what? It doesn’t matter. It will come back. So important is that, like, um because the other thing that’s happening in our school system is that there’s a huge disparity based on the kind of family you come from based on the economic status of your family, based on the color of your skin in our institutionalized schools, that does have an indicator of the outcome you’re going to have in home school.

That is not the case that doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter if your parent has a PhD or if they barely graduated high school. The homeschoolers are still rocking it academically in the workplace with their families. Um and so I think. But that mindset of because also, our school system focuses so much on what you don’t do well, right? If you’re struggling and reading, we’re going to double up on your reading, right? You’re struggling in math. We’re gonna double up on your master. You’re spending most of your time doing things that you don’t like challenging for you when in reality exactly when in reality, if you can strengthen those other things, you’ll pick up the skills you need for those things to get finer for those right and right and to create a craft of your own or a you know, everybody’s signature human signature print of their lifetime is so different from each other, and we should celebrate that difference.

But again, And that’s kind of what I was trying to get before I lost my little train and went somewhere. I don’t know where that guy went to get our way back, but it’s like, Well, they’re they stomp out any sort of right again. It’s just all you do is you get good grades limits. Well, that and they Yeah, yes, exactly. The pound, right? Exactly. And and they and they also you get graded for how well you can repeat things and things of that sort right again repeaters.

So it’s There’s no it’s not about going and exploring, right? Hey, go out and explore this, and that’s again, something that homeschooling allows. I, I feel, is much more of the exploration, right, and especially when it’s your mom or someone you know and again. And if it’s a small group in community, that’s that’s again. That’s where we talked about it. Uh, I believe, are our biggest chance, our greatest chances. Decentralization, right? That’s again. We have this huge White House somewhere on the East Coast that’s supposed to dictate everything for everybody.

It’s so archaic and old school, you know what I mean? It’s like basically having a king, you know? I mean, it’s like and you have to kiss their butt and do what they say, and it’s just like, yeah, I think I’ll try something so Well, I have another question for you, though I do have some questions I will just talk all day, which is great. Yeah, well, yeah, I mean, but this again, this is when when you find people that you have, like, these core values with right and I call them values, not beliefs, because beliefs can change and things like that.

But these values we have somewhere in freedom is something that is a common thread and and without freedom, what do we have? You know what I mean. It’s It’s like what? Really? If that’s that’s our foundation. If we don’t have a foundation of freedom and the ability to explore and the ability to open free information right and the ability for discourse, right civil discourse, and to be able to look at too, you know, composing or contradictory, you know, facts or contradictory viewpoints and say, Okay, I can choose which ones rest for me.

Whereas now again, with the censorship and stuff, they’re just nicks and all that stuff. So which really means that your entire life is chosen for you, right? Because once you once you get rid of choice, then um then it’s it’s done that comes before you is already chosen for you, right? Exactly. And again, that takes out the excitement of anything, right? If you already. I mean, if you knew the outcome of the book or the movie of life, like the purpose of life to grow to explore.

Yes, question, Right? Certainly something that’s missing in these systems, like, you know, not allowed to question anything. Yeah. No. Well, it’s funny, so sometimes despite you in the but I’m just gonna warn you your brand new data. But I’m going to just let you know you got to be prepared for this. We encourage that in our Children, and I always will, but occasionally because they get smarter than us. Real quick, man. I’m, uh yeah, so they start questioning and I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful that they do.

But sometimes I’m like, Oh, you’re out thinking me here. We have to redeem our own education through our Children’s home Schooling. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, that’s going to be an interesting one when she starts, like, you know, outsmart and kind of, you know, um and that’s good. It’s a beautiful thing when when you see little kids like mine’s kind of start to turn right, Like I said, I’ve I’ve been around kids my whole life or whatever, and so you’re gonna watch them kind of grow up and they start to put things together.

You know what I mean? Like, shit is a bad word, but his holy shit a bad word, You know what I mean? Like, I don’t Is that a bad thing because it’s holy right, so it’s also they see things so much clearer than we do. So it’s It’s pretty. That’s an you know, I’m sorry I’m bringing it back to home school. But that’s another one of those beautiful things that when you don’t home school, you miss, is really getting to see how your Children thinking develops and get to hear them grow and get get to be there For those lightbulb moments, it is such an incredible gift.

Such incredible, absolutely. And don’t be sorry about talking about homeschooling, because that’s what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about well, and I mean so for you, like and again, it’s not even really for you. Um, I guess in your personal experience, what is the, uh, I guess the most freeing part or your your your favorite part about what you’re creating with the conscious family project? Oh, that is such a good question. The my favorite part is the outcomes. It’s seeing what’s happening to these families, seeing the shifts that these families are going through families who have kids who were especially kids who had I e.

P. S or were considered gifted in school, and we’re struggling or struggling with bullying or just not getting what they need, and that permeated their home. It became always this happened so frequently it becomes everything about the family’s life gets wrapped around these issues. These learning struggles, behaviors, whatever it is. You have to get tutors. You’re fighting through homework. It just permeates their entire life. And then once they go through, my courses are coaching. They come out on the other end and they are having game nights as a family, and everyone’s getting the sleep they need.

And they’re happy during the day. And they’re starting to connect with a kiddo that they used to only fight with. And, um, the family is starting a business or starting a garden or going on a trip in the middle of the week or visiting Dad at work. Like seeing the massive shifts that happened in the relationships of the families that go through what I offer and seeing the growth in my kid, the kid. I call them my kids. They’re not my kids. I just know absolutely. Yeah, yeah, but seeing you know, a kiddo who’s been struggling, I’m air quoting this but struggling with reading for years and goes three grade levels in two months because they finally are getting We put the right key in, right, Um, which again doesn’t happen when you have this centralized these right?

No, it can’t best teacher in the world with the biggest heart in the world. You’re not going to do that with 30 kids in the room or 50 kids or however many. I mean, you know, I hold three teaching credentials. I taught in the schools. I was homeschooled. I saw the massive difference it made in my own family and especially with my sister, who had learning struggles. And they were like, Oh, she’ll be lucky to graduate high school. And she has. She makes monsters for movies. It’s incredible. She’s always been incredible, but it really, you know, seeing the magic that happened once we started home schooling.

I was like, I’m going back into the system. I’m going to fix it, I’m gonna change it. We’re going to do this. And that was not I realized very quickly. That’s just not physically possible with the way the system is set up. And I knew just by working with parents. I knew that the answer to all of these issues in our education system and what’s happening in our social climate, our political climate, the answers in parents making through is an empowering our parents, because when our parents are empowered, when they have the information, when they trust their intuitions and they do what’s best for their families.

The world changes when parents are happy when kids are happy when families are connected, when people are going after what they’re passionate about and feel fulfilled and seen, that changes the world. So I just I was like, That’s it. I’m done. I got to work with. I have to work with the parents, Um, because I can’t change the world from inside the system, but I can change it. I I can change it by empowering parents to change it in their homes. That is where we have the biggest impact.

And I just so many parents come, You know, they even considering homeschooling, makes them so nervous because of all the things we’ve been told about the system, right? Of course. False evidence appearing real fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear I could give you thousands of examples of just straight miracles that have happened when parents have made this switch when they have taken when they have stepped into their power and taken the initiative to do what’s best for the unique and beautiful Children they’ve been entrusted with the miracles that happened.

I can’t there. We would need a whole another day of a show just to go into just the pure magic that happens. And every single parent, regardless of whether or not you are a good student or a bad student, regardless of if you love math or hate it, regardless of if you’re working or not, every parent has the ability to do this because at the end of the day there’s nobody in this world who has more of a stake in the outcome of your child’s life than you do. Duh.

It’s a right and well and that, but and I kind and I kind of make that argument across the board, your health your I mean pick one like your your finance, like who you do it again and that’s where, like having this self reliance and responsibility, something that people just it’s not ingrained in us anymore. Somewhere we lost that in our in our American culture, like I was raised on a ranch. And so, you know, I guess I was just raised to be independent and hard working.

And I don’t really like handouts. I I you know, keep your stuff. I just I kind of want to do my thing, and it’s much. It’s always so empowering, you know. And once you can start and once people can take that first, you know, and that just that first step because it’s like, Oh my God, it’s a cliff But once you step off, you realize it’s just a curb. It’s just a curb. Want Cliff? It’s a curb all as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah, You were just stepping down right up towards your next like level of freaking into the stairway to Heaven’s Man like and it’s like.

But again, it’s because then once you do that one, that that first step, then it becomes addicting, right? Because it’s that rewards. You want to talk about feeling good, do something for yourself, you know, make the right choice, you know, make a better healthy choice for yourself. Make make more independent choice for yourself, even if it’s not healthy. Even if you’re like I’m eating all that fucking cupcake, I don’t care, you know, I mean, but at least say you did it right and take that responsibility and I think that that’s a that’s authentic reward.

That’s authentic reward. And so much of the system is created on inauthentic reward, which is why people feel unfulfilled. That’s why our kids have such severe anxiety disorders and mental health issues, because we are literally staking their entire lives on these inauthentic rewards. Who cares? As an adult who has asked you when you started reading, Have you ever been in acknowledging your great? You have all the qualifications, But first let me know. When did you start walking? When did you start reading three tests that were going to say You’re sorry you were three years old.

We’ve We’ve created this culture where we put so much pressure on inauthentic reward. That authentic reward seems strange and feels unfamiliar. But once you step into that and you feel it and you’re like, Oh, my goodness, I can actually feel feel something positive for something I’ve done. Yeah, yeah, really feel fulfilled. Yeah, yeah, and again. And they’re to me. There’s these arbitrary markers with kids were just putting these arbitrary markers and things and saying, Oh, you’re not or you didn’t do this by then. Well, then you might.

And again, back to what you said earlier. Our brightest minds weren’t because they were of the system. If you don’t understand, they were against the system against again. Because the system these systems that, like have domain over the human population at the current time, it’s not about that. It’s about control, right? And the last thing they want is is free thinking. The last thing they want is dissenting voices because free thinking is dissenting voice. Because if you’re like Wait, why again? That one word. Why that very irritating thing?

When you have, like a two year old, Why, why, why or no? Right? But again, be that two year old Why Why why are we doing this like again? And it’s just, um, this last 2020. Really? Uh, wow, it’s eye opening for me. How many? How many people would just go along? Not not a problem, not not even questioning. There’s such a There’s such a carrot and stick situation in our education system. You are either sitting quietly and doing exactly what you’re told and are a good student or you are bad, right?

There’s no kind of right you have to follow everything they say. Or then you’re just a rebel, right? And that’s kind of what it was like. I as a kid, I was the bad kid because I wouldn’t sit still. I just I had so much energy and stuff, you know what I mean? And there’s studies about seeing a young boy having energy, not wanting to just sit there all day like dedicate him Medicaid. Yeah, Ritalin. Put him on Ritalin. Yeah, there’s something wrong with him. He’s a seven year old boy and he is moving.

Stop it. That’s not natural. That’s not how they’re Yeah. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. And that’s it, right? I mean, it happens if you let kids climb trees before you sit down to try to teach them something, we’ll let them right and let them. Right. And kind of like you were saying, you know, giving the test on what They’re doing their bike right there, right on the bike around. Do do that or while they’re climbing the tree. Let’s talk about like, you know things about trees and apples or whatever.

You know, I mean math and spelling and reading. You know all these. I mean, Burger noticed how, When a child is fully invested in their play, they come up with the most interesting questions. Yeah, well, ask. But why does the wind blow from this direction to that direction? Something you may not have ever realized. They noticed that. And that’s because our brains require, especially our little guys. But adults, too, they require time of, of introspection, of calm, to be able to really absorb all the thoughts and the things that are going on in our world.

And so this pace that is set by participating in the system where you wake up, you grab a quick breakfast, you rush out the door, you get to school. They’re going from class class, class class. They get 15 minutes to play, then they get 20 minutes for lunch. Don’t talk to anybody. Do it quick, Run right. And then you pick up the kids as fast as you can get them to their after school activities. Run home to do homework. Then everyone’s exhausted. Goes to sleep and you just keep this like cycle going.

There’s no to that. There’s no time to think. There’s no time to consider what you’re seeing. Um, and that’s especially true of our Children. So that’s why we have third graders who are completely burnt out. Yeah, everyone to read again. What is going on? That’s just sad. It’s so sad. It’s so wrong. Um, but it’s also I can I can have empathy for the families who are in it because there is literally no time, no time to feel into it, to think about what what you’re seeing.

Even though your child is crying every time you sit down to do homework with them, that you just don’t have time to process that you keep going. And I hope that this if anybody is in that situation, please take this moment to cancel something and sit and really reflect on what you’re seeing in your Children what you’re seeing in your family, and if what you’re seeing is really what you want for your family to remember, life as wow because that right there will be your guiding light for what you should be doing next. Wow!

Wow, That was beautiful. Thank you. Yeah. And I love that call to action, you know, And again, if anybody really wants to go deeper into what we’re doing, I would just employer right now Go freaking text in to 844992 Free. That’s 8449923733 And received today’s show Notes from Ali, um, or with Ali anyway. And we we got to get this information out right and and again, and that’s where we’re going to create. And there’s other ones out there. And we’re just gonna be another another node in the hub, if you will. Right?

And it’s just another node of Hey, here’s more information. That’s that is, um maybe contradictory to what you may have been fed your entire life, right? And again, this is you gotta wake up from the Matrix. You gotta wake up in the Matrix. I guess you don’t wake up from the It’s just wild. It’s just it’s, uh, the control. But again, it’s all based on fear, false evidence, appearing real. It’s all based on fear that again it’s like I’m jumping off a cliff and then you jump off and it’s like a curb.

And you’re like, Oh, I put a parachute on to step off a curb, you know? I mean, it’s kind of ridiculous, but yeah, well, and don’t let the information overwhelm you to stop. I feel like that’s something to that has come from our system. And, um, that we’re so used to people parsing things out for us, like these are the reasons the war happened. This is what you know, telling you exactly breaking it down into tiny chunks, that when we’re presented with full rich information, we often have a tendency to shut down because we haven’t gone through that the schooling process yet.

And I just want to encourage everybody that the power, that releasing a fear and the empowerment is just on the other side of that overwhelmed. So take that information, take it in, embrace it because your power is just on the other side. Beautiful message, beautiful message. That is a fact that is like one of my favorite messages. I’m trying to give you some applause here. I mean, I should have been hitting this button the whole time. But again, it’s been just such like engaging conversation. You know, I’m not trying to push any buttons and stuff we want to get.

Fluff will do the fluff later. It’s all just good juice information here. So So what sort of what sort of services do you offer at the Conscious Family project? So I have courses for families that are getting started in home schooling or have been at it for a while, and it’s just not quite fitting yet. Um, I’ve got courses, and then I also offer coaching. Um, and I have a couple of really cool things coming down and working with other freedom people on some new products for for families coming up to help with co ops and community creation, um, and curriculum.

So there’s a lot coming. But if you want to get started, come, come find me and I will get you on the right path. Yeah, well, I mean, since yeah, since you say, How can people find you? That’s probably the most important thing. Yeah, so you can find me at a leader chung dot com or if you’re on social, I am on Instagram at conscious family project. We’ll see how much longer I’m on there, right? Well and again. And we’re in this this space right now where If you’re not being cancelled, then then then you’re doing something wrong, right?

Or or you’re not of the consciousness that we’re talking about, It’s it’s getting a little crazy crazy out there, You know what I mean? Like, um and again, That’s why we just have to focus on starting our own and these little decentralized communities and groups. And, you know, for the longest time, I’ve always been like, Well, I’m gonna and I am. We’ll have our own little community kind of thing. But again, this is an idea that needs to to be spread across all communities, right and again.

Contribution, Eliza, Um, within your own, uh, with your own company with within your own community, right, your local community and everybody contributes, and everybody can. But you have to have that, that transparency, something that there’s no way you’re going to get from a institution or multiple institutions, whatever that are losing $30 trillion a year in your taxpayer money, right? It’s just I mean, if if you lost $30 trillion or a trillion. Maybe you might know about it, right? I mean, I haven’t checked my bank account last time, but if I lost a trillion, I’m probably pretty much pretty sure I I remember.

I know. Or I realize, uh, so again, just doing all this. This is the best. Uh, this is what I believe or we believe, I guess is, um, it’s it’s what we can do right now. And I obviously it’s the most dangerous thing because that’s where the and of course freedom of speech, right, and the freedom of speech is is number one, and we have number two, which is the guns. And again, I’m not a violent person. But the reason we have to is to protect one.

And we’re really close. And and again, it’s It’s a scary place to be, right. Um um but and and again, it’s not I I don’t want to fight anything. I I want to build what I want. Yes, exactly. I want to create. I don’t want to. I don’t want to destroy or fight. And it is really kind of that that split where we’re at, right? It’s like you choose left you choose, right? And it’s really Are we choosing fear or we choose in love? Because it’s like, Yeah, I can be in complete fear where this mass do everything they tell me to or I can trust in God or the light of universe or whatever you want to say.

And I can follow that, which is love and excitement and joy. Right, because if you’re not in fear, then you’re enjoy and we’re we’re creating. We’re building beautiful things and beautiful humans, right? I don’t even like that term anymore. The hue of man. But anyway, But, like Children were raising these amazing Children, who then are three thinkers, right? And were amazing amazing people. They’re gonna code to be people’s right. And so and and, uh, just I can’t tell you how honored I am again to have you here and now.

No, you and stuff. And we’d like to keep this conversation going. Please. I don’t know. I would love to. I do want to say one more thing. As many things you just said resonates with any of your listeners. You have to leave the system. You have to leave the education system. It’s unfortunate, but you have to make a different choice because our kids are being taught very different things about, um, what freedom means what it means about you. If that’s something you value where they’re even teaching a different different, Um, they’re they’re teaching differently.

Why the Second Amendment exists, even though the reason it exists is a factual, you know, there’s plenty of documentation to prove why it exists. It’s being taught differently. And if you don’t know 100% of what is happening in your child’s classroom, um, if you can find out, find out. But if any of those things resonate with you, it’s time to break free. It’s time to jump off that curb. Uh, we are not going to be able to maintain any semblance of freedom and creativity and creativity in our culture.

Um, if we don’t if we don’t basically choke out that system and let it let it go. I know for a lot of parents, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the sex education getting younger and younger as well. But just from the fact that you can’t like there’s like you said, you don’t know what’s going on in those classrooms and you’re not allowed to record it. And I don’t know if you remember all that kind of stuff with, like, the teeth. In the beginning, they were like, You know, we don’t want our stuff recorded and that’s just yeah, that sounds ultra creepy, doesn’t it?

I mean, to anybody else. Isn’t that a little fucking suspect? There’s a difference right now in people who believe that Children belong to the state, belong to the community, belong to the government or Children, belong to their families. You’ve got to pick a side. It’s time to pick a side and you need to pick a side and you need to live out picking that side. Freaking heck, yes. Amen, Sister. That’s what I’m talking about, man. Yeah, and it’s We are at that point. I mean, there’s no more fence sitting.

There’s no more fence sitting and it’s it can be uncomfortable to take that leap, and you know, that is what I’m here to help with. That’s why I created what I created because I know it feels uncomfortable to step in. People always say I’m not patient enough to home school. I’m not credentials I don’t know how to teach. I’m not a doctor. I can teach my five year old. I know those. None of those things have any bearing in the success. And you absolutely can do this.

I have seen every type of family you can imagine. Every color, every creed, every economic status, every temperament have success in this. You can do it. You absolutely can. And it’s time to get off the fence. I’m so excited to go all the way through. But the homeschooling, like a pro is amazing. You go through. Yeah. Philosophy. How we learn how to plan. Yeah. Everybody’s got to go. Check that out and again. Yeah. If you text into that number we gave you a couple times will give you again.

844992 Free. If you text in home, school or home Yeah, I like home school. Yeah, yeah. Send it. Send us in home school. 28449923733 And we’re gonna give you send out. Yeah, We’ll drop you a link to where you can find all this information. Also, you’ll be able to see alleys Information. Where to find her where to see this kick ass stuff she’s got going on. Because this is again, um, it time is of the essence, like like it’s time for action. Now, it, uh, it was a long time ago were already, like, you know, in the belly of the dragon we’ve got we’ve got a lot of work to get back out and again, our freedoms.

Once we lose those freedoms, they do not give them back. They have to be one back. They have to be taken back or side stepped. They’d have literally they do not have any control over less unless we give that to them. You know what I mean? And if we just half 51% of the people and that’s why I again I I know we got to get out of here, but I would still I believe that maybe we are the majority and not the minority. And it’s just because they’ve got the narrative and all the communication pathways crammed for, like I don’t we don’t watch news or anything.

And I saw CNN the other day and they still have a ticker up about, like, how many cases? There’s been about Corona and this whole again. They’re still just pushing the fear war. You know, the war thing around every war times they put around How many people are dead bombs? And you’re just, like, take it easy, man. I just want to fuck chill. Can we just hang out? Okay. More war just blow shit up. No, it’s a war on a virus. And now it’s war on whatever. Yeah.

I mean, I laugh because otherwise I just get really upset and cry. Yeah, we’re together, though. You know, one why and 10 seconds of research to realize how much you do not need to fear. So we have to take our kids out of the system that is teaching them that trusting that and not asking why is the only way to go Because it’s not those why moments when you’re two years when your two year old is asking you why. I know at some point you’re gonna have to cut it off or try to answer as many of them as you can try to encourage it.

It’s worth it, I promise we’ll When they asked why I want them to research it. I’m gonna tell them to go figure out the why. Because again, that’s the exploration. Your own. Why is different from my Why do you know what I mean? Because. But that’s the beauty of this human experience is it’s not. There’s no blueprint. And everybody seems to act like they got the blueprint. You know what I mean? And I know I’m gonna jack my kid up. I know I’m gonna mess her up, but I want to at least give her the opportunity to do it first.

You know what I mean? Like like I want to give her. We will do it in a loving, stable environment. And that’s the best we can do. Absolutely. Yeah. Again, Ali, it’s been freaking amazing. Um, your frozen here. But that’s okay, because, uh, we’re going to talk to you again next time and thank you again and one more time. If you could just tell everybody where to reach you and how to find you. Yeah. You can find me at Ali Adair chung dot com or conscious family project on social media. Beautiful. Beautiful. Awesome.

This was my favorite so far. Um, Ali, Everybody Thank you so much. We’ll talk soon. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah, yeah.

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