Listen to The Freedom People podcast hosted by Bradley Freedom. Expect to hear everything about freedom. Topics range from health, wealth, government and spirituality. Brad’s overall philosophy on life is taking personal responsibility which is synonymous with personal freedoms. Nothing is off topic and listen for one of the few places to hear censor free content. This is not the show for you if you’re easily offended. Listen to Brad discuss current events and how to become truly free! Watch on Bitchite or Brighteon now!

What does freedom mean to you?

10 04

Are You Ready to Free Minds!?

Eric from the Free Minds Podcast joins us on the show to discuss what it’s actually like to be a man that accepts responsibility for his life and reality.

09 04

Live with Peggy Hall!

We had the opportunity to talk with Peggy Hall and talk a little bit more about what we are doing over here at TheFreedomPeople.org Join us.

18 03

You Got Home-Schooled!

Ally Adair-Chung joins us on the show to discuss everything from botched baby deliveries to home schooling. After this episode consider yourself schooled 😉

20 02

Jumping Off the Corporate Cliff – Blain Jones

What would happen if you took that leap of faith towards your financial freedom? Would you fall or fly? In this weeks episode we talk to Blain Jones from Blain Jones Custom clothing. Take the leap. Do it.

Why the Podcast?

“Necessity is the mother of all invention.” Brad has been labeled a conspiracy theorist for years and feels more excited than ever that recent events are causing more and more people to start asking more questions. This is The Great Awakening, not The Great Reset! From the beginning of the COVID Brad knew something didn’t smell right. Forced lockdowns and “mandates” have made Brad more fired up than ever. The Freedom People was born and you can hear Brad’s passion coming through the air waves. The podcast is Brad’s outlet to let people know they are not alone in this fight. Also part of The Freedom People is we.thefreedompeople.org a website for people to create a profile and connect and share information with other like minded individuals. The Freedom Directory found at directory.thefreedompeople.org is a resource for freedom loving businesses to connect to our freedom loving people.

The Truth is being totally inverted. It’s time to try and tip the scale and shout the Truth even louder.

Brad and Emily are optimists at heart and through their spiritual beliefs know the light will win. It’s never comfortable to go through change but we’re here to talk about it and make it just a little less uncomfortable. Focused on creating solutions different from the same system the problems stem from, decentralization is key. Listen in on our journey of Truth, love and liberty.

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