No-One is Coming to Save You

No-One is Coming to Save You. Except you.


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What’s going on, all you lovely Freedom People out there. Welcome to today’s rant on the Freedom People podcast. I’m your host, Bradley, Freedom Today. We’re gonna be talking about Why No one is coming to save you. Also, I’m gonna be talking about why that’s a good thing. Stick around. Come on, let’s go. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No one is coming to save you. What does that mean? Well, in the context that I’m speaking about this, it means that in the figure of and literal sense, uh I really believe that no one is coming to save you or me or anyone else.

It comes from within everything that we’re witnessing right now. All the confusion on the outside are all just opportunities to go to the inside and discover who you are, know thyself. One of the things that I tell all of my friends and myself on a regular basis. Once you know who you are, all the outside stuff conflicts as much as it wants. But you stay steady and calm. Kind of like the ocean right? The top of the ocean has many waves, many waves. The bottom of the ocean is very still, that’s your core.

That’s where you can go inside and figure out who you are. Then from that space, everything can change from the inside out. So the most beautiful thing is is that not no one’s coming to save you. You are You are your savior. No one else. We’re not voting it in. We’re not voting it out. Donald trump is not coming to save you. The next politicians not coming to save you. There’s no one coming to save you except for you now once you start to save yourself, right, go inside and learn about the God in you know thy self.

Once we start to know all these things, the outside will transform itself right? But not just for us, but for the people around us, the ones we love, the closest people to us. That’s how things go from the inside out. Now, we have to remember that inside out. Everything is from the inside out, love, jealousy, fear, joy. Any of them, right? And here’s the funny thing. We know this because of what masturbation. I know it’s funny, right? But if you can bring yourself to an orgasm, doesn’t that tell you that something is inside of you?

And you didn’t really need anything on the external to make that happen. Drugs, any drug you take, what does that do? That just alters a chemical inside of you that’s already there. Think about this the more that we can talk about things like this and explore and discover, the more that will start to realize that we have more power than we think you are. The power. stop giving your power away every time that we give our power. Or let me, let me put it this way. Every time that we say, you are now responsible for my education, you are responsible for my health.

You are responsible for my freedom. You are responsible for my finances. You are responsible you you you anything outside of yourself. The more and more and more that we do that, the more and more and more we’re giving our power away. We need to bring that back. We need to bring that back inside. Let’s bring it home. Let’s bring it in, so to speak, and take our power back. Take the power back from the religious sanctions that have domain over us. Take our power back from the governments that have this domain over us.

Some sort of we’re just giving them the ability to lock us down. We’re giving them the ability. Government does not exist without the people. You understand that. So here we have this common misperception around everyone that oh my goodness, we have to ask permission from something outside of ourselves before we do anything. We’re just sitting and waiting. Oh, please, please someone come and save me. Well again, Tyler’s video. No one is coming to save you. You need to save yourself. Read some books. How about that? You sit down and read some stuff.

Maybe sit down and some quiet meditation for a while. Know thyself, There are plenty of things that we can do. All of these lockdowns have been opportunity for us to go inside. What do you do? Did you go inside? You just sit there and complain about what was going on and saying, Hey man, give me my stimulus package. Oh, hey, you know what? I would rather just sit home and do nothing because they’re going to give me money. My nanny daddy, state government is going to give me money.

So I’m just gonna sit home and do nothing. What power is there in that 0? This is why everybody feels so powerless. So in closing my rants about up here, I just wanted to drop this in real quick and hopefully get some information out and maybe touch some people. Maybe give a little bit of motivation to step it up for yourself and others for you yourself first than your Children, your spouse, significant other, whatever they may be, it’s up to you. The power is yours, your choice. Yeah. Yeah.

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