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Welcome everyone. This is Peggy Hall from and I have a couple. A beautiful couple. A wonderful freedom loving couple that is joining us today from Tempe Arizona. This is brad and Emily and we’re going to hear how they got connected with the healthy american and you are not going to want to miss this interview because this is the number one request I get from people. The question is how do I connect with the three main questions? How do I connect with other freedom fighters?

Where do I find them in my area? Number two? Where can I find a business that is not going to require me to suffocate myself and number three, I, I want to find an employer that I can work for. That isn’t going to go for all this hogwash as I call it. And I am so excited to introduce you to Brad and Emily because they have solutions for 123 right there. So welcome friends. Okay, thank you. Thanks for having us pay. That’s awesome. Yeah. Well it is so awesome brad you reached out to me several months ago and um, why don’t you just take the story from here and say how you heard about the healthy american and what our conversation was like and how we’ve come full circle. Sure. Yeah.

So really, we, we really like you said, we reached out to, I can’t remember, uh, december is, and I was just like, hey, we want to start a directory because just like everybody else, we don’t want to go, uh, to a restaurant and I have to put a face diaper on right or one of these tinfoil mass, whatever you want to say. Um, it’s just one of, it’s such a weird place to be and at least that we were just like, you know, at least I was like, this is a massive attack on our freedoms, right?

And that’s all it really was, was just an attack. This is about our freedoms and these little erosions of our freedoms, right? So I was just like, somebody has to do something and I’ve been following you like the whole year, right? Once they locked me down or us down, right? Uh everyone down, uh I started really paying attention, I think a lot of people did. Um and I was seeking out other people who were like minded, you know what I mean? Um and you just came up and I don’t know how, but it’s been amazing.

I think it was maybe March, it was super early on when this was going on. And I you’re one of the early voices that was saying something, a breath of fresh air for us because that that’s just that’s that’s I mean, it’s not very common right now at all for anybody to want to speak the truth. And you know, you can understand why you get everybody gets slandered. Anyway. Um, yeah, so we just, I reached out to you in december and I already kind of built the initial prototype and you were like, yeah, that’s awesome.

And you’d mentioned us at the village, you were down in san Diego and did the village and you did this little talk. And with from that, we got a couple 100 sign ups. They’re just there in southern California for the directory. Uh, and that was, it was okay. So now we need to do something actually. So, so then we went through a couple of more renditions and um, from the call that we had with you, you had mentioned that job board was needed and also a social platform.

You know, I mean we’re like mine individuals can connect, and so then that’s when we were like, okay, well let’s let’s do that too. Uh and we went and got we decided and it’s really because we want to be a community and kind of one of these um uh beacons if you will or or a hub, um just so that everyone can stay connected and know that we’re not alone because I know that it’s hard, especially when they have us all separated and there’s no one to talk to and things like that.

It can feel very lonely. And so it’s uh that’s something that we wanted to provide for everyone again with not just the directory, but also with the platform. So we can do jobs again. I mean, what are we gonna do for freedom jobs? You know what I mean? It’s um it’s a tough place to be in but we’re hoping to provide some tools. So yeah, that is so great. And Emily, your brand new mom. Yes, congratulations. How is that? Like um you know, going through pregnancy with all this, I call it hogwash all this hogwash we’re going through.

Um well, it solidified our beliefs. That’s for sure. I went to originally my first obe for the confirmation and realized she was not aligned with our beliefs. So we found a midwife practice that we love and unfortunately she decided to come a little early. So we did have to enter the hospital for her birth. And that’s just further solidified our beliefs because everywhere was just fear, fear, fear and it was not about health. I was trying to explain to them that I wanted to go outside, but I couldn’t breathe fresh air because of covid all these crazy rules.

My blood pressure was rising because they would come and check it so much more often and I was like you are the problem. Uh All these people coming to mass on all the time. You’re like a zombie’s we call him the zombies. Yeah it’ll it’ll increase your blood pressure for sure. Just prior to the show here, my sister and I made a quick trip over to T. J. Maxx where I’ve never really had a problem. But it’s not it’s not that it’s around all of the other zombies.

They’re causing the anxiety and to see little Children. I said I don’t know what’s worst as I say um Worst is worse and worse. I don’t know what’s worse. The people who are so stupid that they actually don’t know they don’t have to do this or the people who know it’s stupid, but they’re doing it anyway. I have to go with the second category. I really have to go with the second category. So welcome you guys. And I want to show the website in just a minute.

So everybody who just popped on this is brad and Emily, they are the creators of And you are going to love this here at the healthy american. There’s three main things. And whenever I get faced with a problem, I always ask myself which of these three tools can I use more of? And number one is being connected. So do I know someone else who is already doing this that could help me? Or do I know somebody that I could run this idea by or do I know somebody that I should write to?

Or I’m always thinking who, who, who not the W. H. O. That’s the last thing. But I’m thinking the connection who can I get support from, who can I give support to? And if you’re feeling worn down and like you say you’re, I love how you said that Emily, this just solidified what you went through. Instead of saying, well I guess we got to go along with everything. No you’re going to fight this even harder. So you find out your your people. So what you guys are fulfilling this number one requirement is how do I connect with like minded people?

And then the second thing at the healthy american is education. How can I learn about these laws that protect my rights? We know intrinsically intuitively without anybody ever having to put it on a piece of paper, you have the right to breathe just like you have the right to laugh. You have the right to sneeze and cough and think and dream and anything you want. That’s your right. As long as it’s not harming someone else, you have the right to stay up all night, You have the right to go to bed at nine in the evening, you’re not harming anyone.

And they have these evildoers have tried to create the narrative that our breath harms people and we have to stop that right off the bat and that’s where the education and then I want to hear about your podcast because that will be part of it. And then number three is taking action. Let’s not just complain. People love to complain. I get it. I complain myself. The only thing I really complain about our complainers. Um, and I understand that the irony there, but we have to do something and many people are frustrated when they do something and it’s not the result.

You can’t worry about the result. I know it sounds weird, but you have to keep going that they want us to stop taking action when we get frustrated. So you guys are really fulfilling idea number one while all of them. But definitely the connection. Tell me a little brad about your, you say this is what you guys do. You build websites when we chatted a few months ago, you’re like, yeah, this is what I do and I want to do this for freedom. Sure, Sure. Yeah. So I’ve been in software, uh, or doing websites, I guess you could say since, Uh, probably 1998 or 1999.

So I’ve been doing it a long time, right? Yeah. So I was in the military and I was just, it was a hobby. Anyhoo websites then turned into application development, things like that. So I’m an entrepreneur. We are entrepreneurs and I started a software company a few years back. Um so we kind of do software here and there. Um uh excuse me, we do software mainly and then websites here and there and WordPress websites, which you’ll see that that’s kind of what everything is built on, Right?

Um so, and it’s it’s it’s super flexible. Um and and and and doable for a single team Of two, awesome. These are awesome. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, so we’re kind of managing all three of those websites. Um plus are, you know, plus our other stuff and also the podcast, like we’re going to talk about here pretty soon, but yeah, so it’s all kind of um pretty, pretty intense at the same time. Yeah, it’s kind of, maybe it feels like this is what we’re here to do uh like like why are you here?

You know what your purpose and all these things other, you know, find the God inside and all that good stuff. But in this three D. Like What what is your purpose? And it’s just like it all seemed to, I mean, I know 2020 was was was pretty intense year here at the same time. It revealed all of these things, right? And all of these beliefs and core, I don’t want to say beliefs, beliefs change core values, right? These core values and people that it doesn’t matter. Um Race, religion, uh any education.

None of that matters at all. All that matters. Are you standing for freedom or not, Right? And that’s that’s the core belief and core value that I really just am attracted to right now. In 2020 brought people like you into our life and now now, I mean it’s crazy. I feel like I have a massive purpose even more so than I did before. You know what I mean? It’s just like it feels like a purpose and we’ve created this kind of thing and, and it’s amazing to see what’s happening so quickly and, and the response that we’re getting and the support we’re getting from all kinds of places is um, It’s humbling. Yeah.

Well I’m just thrilled and I want to hear from people in a comment below if you feel the same way that your passion has come into focus. Isn’t it neat friends that 2020 we use as that measurement for like perfect vision. And it was, I would say in many ways it was the worst year, but it was the best year. I had so many hardships and losses and sacrifices, but on the other hand, I’ve met so many thousands, literally hundreds of thousands of healthy americans that are the freedom lovers and freedom fighters and nothing else does matter.

I mean, you, you just brought a new life into this world. You probably have an even more vigorous because it’s like, you know, for some people, they’re like, well, I’m just gonna stay home, read a book, tend the garden, walk my dog and I’m not going to participate. You, you really have a reason to work and to make sure that your, it’s a daughter, right? Yeah. That your, that your daughter is going to live in freedom and it is worth everything you’re doing. And what I would like to do now is let’s go to the website.

So friends that are hopping on brad and Emily have created I’m going to share the screen and I’ll just come onto it like I’m a new user and this is going to be fun. Friends. So here we go. Let me get rid of that and let me get rid of that. And everybody can see I am at and I love it because uh piggybacks a little bit on the healthy american and I just the name Freedom People really rings with me.

And the other thing I didn’t get a chance to tell you brad and Emily, but it’s so unifying. I think in the last year there was a lot of division in terms of, you know, political activities and not the healthy american. You know, I stand for truth and I stand for freedom and really without truth, there is no freedom because you’re you don’t even know what the truth is. And so yes, there are, there are candidates that are more aligned with that and others that aren’t. And but I’ve never been a political platform um other than to urge people to, you know, go to your local meetings and keep on your public servants and all of that.

But I love that the freedom people, to me, it sounds it is its own movement, you know, its own unifying. Um call. Has anybody told you that? It just, it really rings true for me. Well, if we feel the same way and 2020 has absolutely been unifying in that way and that’s kind of what we were getting out there and it’s it’s Yeah, yeah, no one’s told us that yet again, we’re just starting like this and and uh it’s been a lot of, lot of work, you know, obviously my gosh, three different applications here because they’re all separate.

So Okay, well we’ll take a tour, we’ll take a tour here, go for it, do it. So friends. I’m already signed up but you’re going to want to enter your email address to get started and tell us about that. Let me let me take you off share for a second. So tell us a little bit about that friend. So people put in their email address, this is, it’s not a facebook, right? It’s not this is a connection group. So yeah. So so that that email there, would you fill out that at when you fill that out?

That’s going to go to us? Um and of course totally secure and everything. We’re not doing anything with your email except making sure that you stay connected with us. And then we’re going to release any information about the directory podcast or the social platform. There’s going to be relative or pertinent than anything that you might want to want to know about. Perfect. Perfect. Okay. Let’s let’s go back here. Um, so you’ll sign up there everybody and then that way you stay connected with them and look at this beautiful the freedom people.

And so tell us why don’t we just start left to right and tell us about your podcast. I’m really thrilled to hear about that. Well, yeah, absolutely. Um again, uh all this was born out of necessity. I was asleep personally. I was first awoke and from all of this and awake, not woke uh taken there. Yeah, awake but not woke. Um, so yeah, in 1997 Uh ish 1998 is I was in the military then I was in the Marines and I had a rude awakening from the mainstream media and I realized that we were being lied to.

And you can imagine like, you know, your whole life at least my 1718 year old life um was very rooted in a belief system that I was there in the military to do all of these certain things that were kind of premised and based upon the stories of the media. I mean, where else do we get our information? I mean from the newspapers and the news. I mean, where else? And especially back then pre internet. Right. So there was no other way to really get information right? And this is the days of encyclopedias, remember?

Okay, so when those were still like relevant kind of thing, Right? So where else are you going to get this information right? Time magazine? Right? So it was very constricted. And so then I just had my boom, it was like my whole life kind of exploded. Anyway then I spent many years trying to yell at people and tell people that they’re being lied to. And anyway at some point you just kind of get burnt out trying to, you know, tell people hey hey on all this stuff because all it really did was just make conflict, right?

Because you’re telling these are core belief systems and people right? And again these are belief systems, not values but belief systems cord that their 100% this is real. You know what I mean? Yes, 100%. You know, your government would never lie to you. 100% the news is telling you total truth. You know what I mean? But at some point some of those start to break down for most of us. I don’t want to say most of us, some of us right? And then we break out of that anyway, so then that’s 2020.

Um kind of woke me back out of my slumber again. The reason I went to sleep again, not so much asleep, I would just like was tired of like being in conflict, you know, I mean, I just wanted to hang out, drink some beers with friends and you know I mean, and not, you know what I mean, and not all the time. So So you just kind of okay, you know, we’ll just agree to disagree and nothing seemed to be happening forever and this is I mean we’re talking a decade right of nothing happening.

So I just always thought, well nothing is just going to change much and then 2020 hit and so all of this just started going going and then I was like well now I got to get on the airwaves and just start to offset this garbage. It’s just garbage. I don’t even this this rhetoric about socialism or Marxism and all these things about how it’s the way to go, and how free is the way to go and and and no responsibility. And I’m I’m a big 100 self responsibility kind of person.

I don’t want anybody’s help from anything, like I don’t want that. It’s it’s no fun. This this game of life is a challenge and I want the challenge, right? I mean, but so don’t try it anyway, so that’s I digress on that. But so that’s kind of how this all came about Peggy. And and again, the podcast is just just to help spread the information, to help spread what you’re doing to help educate, right? It’s a platform where you’re talking about the education and really just helping to get it out there and yeah, that’s so great.

So that’s here, everybody you’re going to be able to click through and then do you have episodes already or those gonna be coming in? Those are coming soon. So are perfect. The websites there, you can go kind of read, we have content on there, but we’re actually um yeah, we’re in the this month, I think we’ll have enough recorded, we’re recording quite a bit episodes before we push lives. Great. Well, we’ll have to do something together. I’m doing a podcast also. I think it’s great. It’s so much fun.

Their fun. Yeah. So if you click through friends, you’ll see. Here’s the podcast. Love it. Yeah, this is just fantastic. So I want everybody to hop on board here. Um it’s so important to stay connected. And then let’s go back to um I really want to point out what you wrote here. We the freedom people because our country was founded with that phrase. We the people, we the people and you added the word freedom, which is so profound because they kind of left that word out. They left that word out.

And it’s like before we came on air, I was telling you that I was at the store and it’s you know, I never put anything on my face. I never have, I never will. And you know my sister and I are the only free breathers, the only oxygen breathers in the store. And it’s like, wow, these are my fellow man, this is my, these are my fellow americans. It’s rather disappointing. So yes, we the people, but we the freedom people were the ones that love freedom and not just love it, but are willing to fight for it as you did.

I mean you did in the service. So here, here’s what I want to show everybody the directory. So this is really exciting. Friends. You’re going to want to go to and then you click through off the launch pad and here is where and so tell us about this friends. I think you’re just building it out. Right. More and more people are getting going here. Yeah. So we were, yeah, I think that we’re still right around 200 active listings. Um, and most of them are in California right now.

Again, that’s because of you speaking in California helped kind of, people were like awesome. Okay, a place to go. But again, it’s it’s just people just don’t know much about it. Yeah, well, we’re going to get that going. Yeah, awesome. Again, this is this is in no way monetized by us or we’re none of it podcast, you know, this is all just kind of our contribution to the amazing, well, I hope you’ll have a donate button on there somewhere for people to donate. Uh, maybe maybe. Yeah, maybe someday we’re thinking of like how to do that.

And again, we just know that all these systems right now kind of have a clutch on everything. So it’s like, even if you do try and take donations are where you going through and then stop that at any time. And so we’re trying to kind of take it. That’s your next project. You guys, that’s your next project is to build some kind of your own Paypal system or something. You know, it’s funny enough, so properly crafted as our software company and we’re doing merchant services right now.

Actually, we’re kind of working on that very thing. Great. Let me know because, yeah, there’s so many people that don’t want to, there’s, there is the concern of, they can pull the plug at any time and then there’s the concern of, I don’t want to do business with them anyway. So that’ll be really thrilling. But I just want to show everybody this is the heart of the matter here, friends. So, uh, this is a special call to all businesses that you can add your listing here and you can get the exposure.

And I’ve worked with hundreds, thousands of businesses to help them stay open and thrive. And every single one has told me that their business has increased in revenue in new, um, you know, patrons because they are, um, I’ll just say standing for freedom and they’re running their business as a freedom business and this is an opportunity to be listed to get that exposure. And then we, as the consumer can go on and you can, again, this is, there will be more and more businesses added friends. So don’t, I think this is all there is, but you can see there are some that are featured and you can put in what category you’re looking for.

Um, so let’s say health and wellness and let’s say, I’m looking for, um, chiropractor. I’m just doing this. I don’t even know if there’s one, uh, there might be, uh, look and it’s healthy, right? It’s location based as well. Okay, Okay, so this, oh, here you go. Okay, perfect. And I love this. And you can click through, I just want to do kind of a real life tour here and here you go. I love this, wow you guys. This is like the new, better improved to help look at this, everybody, you’ve got the listing, you’ve got the map, you can write a review.

Um and then this was written by the business, Is that how it works, ideally correct? Yeah, perfect Business with the business. When you go and sign up as a business owner, you go and you put all that info in your photos, this is just like down there. It kind of gives you some, like some suggestions kind of close to it and you can see those ones have some images, so like a low, high acupuncture there. They added some images. So, so yeah, it’s, it’s come together, like I said, fairly smoothly.

Um yeah, we’re always open to feedback. So yeah, please, please. Absolutely. Oh, this is just great. I love it. Okay, so there’s a, so people can add and they can add more images if they want. Wow, I love this. So this is the part of the businesses which a lot of people are asking me, I get so many people Peggy, do you know a vet and I, and I will start sending you the ones that I know because that would be the next step. Everybody is all of you, let me just come off the stop, share for a second, so I can see people um so friends, all of you that have a business that go to a business, if you know a restaurant, if you know a boutique, a nail salon, hair salon, you saw the chiropractors, you know auto repair dentist, I get a lot of requests for um, let your freedom people know and the freedom businesses know they can and this is free for the businesses also.

Yeah, sure, wow, that’s amazing. It’s free advertising. There’s going to be an opportunity where you can even book services and appointments. I saw that there, which is incredible. What we need. The call to action. Friends is everybody that’s watching this video is to send the website to the businesses or better yet, ask the business or Yeah, let the businesses know that they can go there to sign up and then you start using this and going to the businesses that are signed up.

We want to let them know that we support them. Why in the world would you go to a dentist that makes you cover your face to walk 10 ft into the exam room where you going to take the mask off and trust me? I wouldn’t want to go to a dentist that’s thinking like that. Okay. I mean it’s like why they’re like Peggy, Can you help me tell my dentist? Like I think you need a different dentist that you know, So let’s go back and let’s let’s look at the connecting the people.

So this is really thrilling. So the social and again we the freedom people, I just I can’t tell you that, right? I mean it’s a sad day then when we had to be specific about that, but we did and we did, we had to be specific just because like you said, there’s so many people who are like kind of seems to be the antithesis of it. Yeah, I think it’s thrilling. We get to redefine it and why not? We, the people we are redefining it. Oh, I just love it.

It’s such a clean design, it’s so engaging and here you go, you join the freedom people. It says you get a lively community to meet and mingle with other freedom loving people, you know what friends I didn’t tell you, but I get a lot of people I know this is not a dating site, but I get a lot of people asking me like where can I meet? You know you’re lucky you guys have a a spouse that is of the same mind as do I, but many people will say how can I find, you know, I don’t want to date somebody that is not on the same page, so this is not dating but right, it’s making friends.

You know I did create a group on there for that purpose and it can get even more specific by location, the more people on it, the better will be kind of well I’m going to hop on because I’ve already created an account and online shopping coming soon. Job search, this is thrilling, so I think I have the right password, let’s hop in. And um that’s the other thing I get people asking me is about the jobs and here we go. So because we’re just getting underway friends, you’ll see.

I have not really added anything to my profile, but I will and I just love this. So you can find friends, look at people are joining, I’ve already got some notifications, um talk to us a little bit about this, you guys? Where am I now? Uh So yeah, so this is your timeline, so as you log in, this is kind of like a facebook meets um I guess a a job board group. Uh huh. Exactly, exactly. And it’s were again just trying to solve a uh as many problems as you can in one solution here.

So, so yeah, so what you’ll be able to do is go in here and create your own group. So technically you could go and just create your own job board right now, so you can go sign up and then create a job board and post things into a forum. We have forums on here and uh yeah, I love it. Well, I’m going to make a, I’ll make the healthy, healthy american group, Right? I could do that. Yeah. So if you’re on the left hand side, if you click groups over there, yeah, go down.

There, you go, click on groups, you should be able to add a group right here. How fun! I love it. So, right there at the top, it said create group, but there were some groups that are already, right? So job board, you can see there’s a group for the job board. So that’s what we’re saying, we can use it as that also. Um we we were thinking that, you know, depending on feedback, it would just kind of drive the community and that’s where we’d like to hear from our, from our love, our people.

I don’t like to call them users because there’s only two industries in the world that call their users users and that’s drug dealers and software people. And so I’m trying to call them people instead of users. You know what brad? That’s really important. I think distinctions like this, you know, you’re you’re tuned into that words are important, the community is important, the relationship is key. And so yeah, you’re not you’re not a user. And then this it makes it faceless. It does not user. It’s kind of like where they did with military stuff, they call them tangos, or charlie’s right?

Or the enemy, right? It’s again, it’s a tango. It’s a target. It’s no longer a human. It’s a target, right? It’s the same sort of thing is when, whenever you dehumanize it tends to cause problems. I just love it. Here you go, Emily. This is what you were talking about. Freedom people, singles, look at how cute this logo is. Um, I just love it. I love everything about it. Friends, I’m gonna go back here. Well, I’m gonna start getting active on here and you know, this is our actual official launch day, which is why I wanted to do the video.

I want to tell everybody in the, um, newsletter and just promote this. I’m going to have it. Um, a link to it from the healthy american. And this is just thrilling for me. So let’s go. Um, I want to show people again. So when you are at the landing pad here, you’ve got where you can listen to brad and Emily and their guests. You’ve got the directory of the businesses And you can add a business and you can also search for a business and let’s get that growing.

I mean, let’s have a goal of, by the end of this week, you know, we’ve got 200 businesses on there. It’s totally doable. And then the social connection where you’re going to be able to find people in your area, um anything you want to say friends, I’m gonna click off the screen share in a moment, but anything else you’d like to point out about how two people can navigate or or what your goals are here? I don’t think so. Um the director there is a frequently asked questions page under support, I believe also a telegram group if you want to join.

But yeah, just goes through commonly asked questions or problems with screenshots and how to get a hold of Okay, we’ll find that. I’m sorry at the top. Ok. How it works and support fake us. And you have a telegram group. Perfect. Yeah. The telegram groups got a 150 people in there, so, and it’s active, everybody’s in there, you know, posting all freedom stuff and you know, just being free speech and having a great time. Any support that you want to jump in there, people are really helping each other out at this point again, that’s what we wanted to do.

We we don’t really, we don’t want to own anything, we don’t want to we don’t want to profit from anything. We want to create platforms for people to create on their own and just be able to, to build the community within the community. Well, this is just fantastic. I love it. I just love everything about it. And um, I just love you guys and I love what you’re doing because I’ll tell you, um, you know, I started doing this a year ago and in the very beginning, um, that was the onslaught of questions was just, how do I find somebody in my area that’s doing what you’re doing?

And I’m like, oh my gosh, I have no idea. But I’ll keep a little list of some, if I hear of anybody else in north Carolina. And before, you know what, I had like a list of people from every state. And I’m like, I don’t even know what to do with this now. I don’t do I call them back or do I can’t just make a big email. That won’t be very good. And it was our ongoing struggle. And so, um, somebody said, well, why don’t you use meet up groups and are hardworking volunteers?

Created a media group for every single county. There’s like 3,158 counties in the United, roughly in the United States. And we thought, well, that would be great. I know, can you believe it? But you know what happened? # one big attack? It was censored. All right. So even though, and I had to pay, I had to pay $35 for every group. There was a lot of money combined a couple of them. But anyway, we’re paying to be censored. And then the worst of it was, um, some people couldn’t get on for whatever reason.

And then they would run ads in our private group advertising things that we were not in favor of. And I think they targeted that on purpose. So, if you wanted to look for, um, let’s just say Austin texas. All right, there’s a meet up group in Austin texas and you you do this and you know how you guys have related search that comes up? Well, it would have the meet up group, the healthy american meet up group and then next to it would be some type of event for how to hand sanitizer is something that was completely opposite to what we were doing.

And they said Peggy, why are you running these ads? I’m like, I’m not running any ad. So they censored and then they started kicking people off and it was just a nightmare. And then I would say the other issue and I just want to tell everybody about how these groups work. The idea for a social connection. Our idea was find somebody and then go meet them. Actually go face to face because you’re trying to meet them in your area. I get that, you know, like telegram is everybody from around the country, you can’t go meet somebody in Tennessee.

But the purpose of the meet up groups was go have a cup of coffee with them, go find them, you know, an event or a church or a rally that you want to go to with this new friend, but they wanted to just use it as a another facebook and it’s like, we don’t have the manpower to um, you know, manage and administer all, you know, the entire country. So we pulled the plug on it, and that’s right when you guys came through and you said we can do this, and I’m like, this is a dream come true.

So I am thrilled I’m going to be promoting this night and day, because it’s one of the most frequent questions I get, as I say, who do you know in my area? Whereas the business I can go to and I want to find a job without these restrictions and you guys just hit a home run 123 knocked it out of the park. So we will be, will be promoting it. I want to be on your podcast, I want you to be on my podcast, I’m going to be um airing this far and wide and I’m still hanging on by a thread at Youtube, definitely on bit shoot and all the other social media and then of course, the private Peggy hall dot tv.

So anybody that’s viewing now, that’s not on Peggy hall dot tv, that is where the uncensored information is going to be. Um you know, it’s like I feel the world is shrinking in terms of our voice. So I do have a question for you guys, talk to me about WordPress that he built this on and is that going to be bulletproof and censor free? Because I think, you know, a lot of the platforms that people have been using are just being strangled now talk to me about, so we’re not we’re not actually, yeah, so it’s it’s not hosted on WordPress, it’s just using WordPress.

Open source code. Um, but yeah, it’s hosted on a platform that is, um, not one of the big guys, let’s just say, yeah, okay, well, we’re again trying to take all the steps that we can, it’s hard to know who is and who isn’t. Um, but there’s places offshore and things like that that we can we can leverage if need be, but we have, we have, you know, hourly backups were taken and you know, we have all the cyber security in place um as much as we can, you know, I mean you can only mitigate what you can mitigate, right?

Yeah. But no, I’m really happy to hear that. That’s fantastic. I know the larger platforms because once they muffle our voices, which is what they’re doing right there, literally muffling the voice and then trying to um eradicated altogether and you know what, we’re going to be using pen and paper. I said I’m going to be chiseling into the stone rock, you know from like the old smoke smoke signals signals. Exactly, because you’re right, there’s always another way and nothing is going to extinguish these uh you know the flames of freedom, it can um if anything, they’re fanning the flames of freedom every time they take a step we push back harder and this is just gonna be a game changer for everybody friends.

So as we wrap up in the next few minutes or so, anything else you’d like to share add? Um just chat about? No, I mean well we can talk about anything forever. So I mean that’s why we got a podcast to write, it was more of an opt in for my friends and family so they could turn me on and turn me off if they wanted to write another purpose of the podcast. That’s such a great idea and people can have that information and resources and um why don’t we finish out by talking about how things are in Arizona?

So um I will also tell you that we have state laws available and again anyone who hasn’t gotten your state laws, we do have those on the website. And we’ve researched every single state. You’ve got the laws that protect you. Well, we also included the federal laws, we’ve got all of your state laws related to your own A. D. A. And other civil rights protections. Further, we researched the laws that have to do with the trespassing laws, the illegal restraint, the harassment. There are several states that have a law against covering your face, especially when you are in commission of a crime.

So um I have to tell you that and I’ve got it right here. The top states are that people request the laws from number one California. Any guesses on ST number two? Yeah Arizona, you know it is um let me tell you new york, new york. I was surprised you guys. Um and it might have something to do with population but I but I do believe it’s with the strictness of the measures. Number one was California. Number two texas. Number three, Arizona. Really? I’m astonished. And then, um, so the top 10 are basically California texas Arizona florida.

Everybody thinks florida is open. No, it’s not Washington Oregon. I’m not surprised. New york Ohio. And then north Carolina. I cannot tell you how many people have contacted me from north Carolina. Maybe because that state is full of freedom people, but the government is really restrictive. I was astonished to find that how, um, shut down it is in north Carolina. So I want to hear, what are things, how are things going in Arizona? Well, the governor just like lifted the mask mandates right? Uh, but which he had no power to put in place.

And so again, we can really get into freedoms and, and real and like ignoring these people who are just clowns and clown suits. Anyway, that’s besides the point he lifted that However, uh, people, the damage is done Peggy. It’s the, we’re going to have people that wear mask forever. Like I mean this is like something that fear is a very effective weapon and it’s been weaponized against the american people to such a degree that uh, it’s crazy like a year and a half ago, you would have never even thought about confronting people are so confrontational, who would never have been confrontational about this mask, right?

And it’s, it’s again, so um, yeah, I mean a few weeks ago we had a friend that had to go to three different grocery stories until he could buy his groceries without covering his face and ended up being trader trade tour joe’s which, which he had, you know, the yellow star star cart which we had to do the other day. And I still got kicked out because they’re, they’re only could be one of us. And I was like, oh, let’s go because he lifted the mandate, right?

I was like, let’s go grocery shopping matt matt, right? And again, it’s all for show. And I think it’s just this political show in this media show that they just keep us interested in some sort of story that it’s never going to change and it doesn’t matter. It’s just kind of a story. You know what I mean? We all seem to be eating on that. And that’s again, that’s why we’re action taker people. I love to complain to like you mostly about the complainers. Uh so in the background, complaining, we take action and that’s why we did this, right.

It’s like we just needed something to say, okay, well if you’re gonna do that, that’s fine. You do that. I’m gonna we are going to focus on what we want, not what we don’t want, right? And you got to know your enemy and I don’t want to say enemy, but no opposition, No what’s happened here so that you you know, it gives you fuel and that’s again the birth of my child was crazy. My first child and we’re in there and all these mass zombies and stuff.

So that’s our only request now is hospital. Yeah. We want to create our own hospital again and we can leverage modern technology with medicine that actually works right? And again, I’m homeopathic. I was raised all natural and stuff like that. But again, I’ve used I’ve used modern technology. Yeah. You know what I mean? I’ve been to emergency room a lot, you know I mean? But I never took their drugs afterwards and just started saying, okay, well now I’m just going to go get on, you know, whatever 15 prescriptions.

Like I know so many people that are on, it’s just so well, that’s so interesting you guys um I agree with you wholeheartedly and that’s um I think another part of the website or another website will be um you know, freedom living, the freedom living society or something where, but you’re building it right now, you’re building it and people will be able to find these areas and yeah, we need medical care. Um You know, I already did the Freedom learning for the schools because you don’t need to be in a school.

It’s even before any of this, I was not in favor of it. It stunts the learning and there’s so much more growth that can happen in a natural um organic manner where the Children, you know, we’re learning right now, we’re learning right now and we’re not in school. So I don’t, I wholeheartedly reject the notion that you’re learning between eight and two in a classroom. Just never, never, even as a teacher in my entire life, I never agreed with any of that. But anyway, we’re creating nose and of course the transportation, I have people and I want them to sign up.

So again, healthy americans that are listening, we’re going to be the healthy american freedom people because it really is an important coalition and people are starting their own rideshare services there, forget the lift in the Uber and you know what the people that are saying to me, Peggy, I lost my job. I’m like, you have your whole life ahead of you now, you can be a teacher, you don’t need any of these license. Is there anything you don’t even need to call yourself a teacher? Um, but you’re the one now that’s going to take the kids to the beach in the park and you don’t even need a classroom, You’re just gonna teach them outside how many parents want that right now, right?

You can be the rideshare person, you have a car. If you don’t borrow car, you can start doing that. And your organization, your connection group, I want to see 100 rideshare services sign up this week in different cities, just started anybody that’s out of a job. You. And the other thing is, you don’t need the app. You know, we’ll often you just put your phone number or whatever. They’ll figure it out. That’s the other thing. Let people figure it out on their own, right? Let them figure out how they’re going to do creative, be creative.

And I love that about you guys and I want everyone, it comes out loud and clear you, you’re probably the most positive people I’ve ever met. I I know I’m naturally cheerful and positive and optimistic, but I tell you it comes through so loud and clear and friends. That is what the opposition wants. They want us to spiral into the despair of the sky is falling. Don’t go there. I’m never going to do this. I’m going to do a class on how to say no to the needle because people are are gripped by this fear of the future.

And that is part of the story as you so clearly Absolutely. That’s what people on and it keeps it going. And that’s where for us. And and again the saying, you know, they tried to bury us, but little did they know we were seeds, right To me, love it. That’s what all they’re doing. All they’ve done is given us more fuel, more tackling fuel or more jet fuel, more fuel to continue our mission right? Because that’s what this is this is freedom of the IT and it’s go time.

Like we said this is World War three people really don’t and I mean the more and more this goes on and it’s uh wow just while I’m just again I’m honored to be in the fight with you and all the other freedom fighters. And if you haven’t checked out Peggy stuff we’ve been taking her classes and buying her stuff for friends and family all around the country. So definitely check them out. And we’re also yeah we’re annual subscribers to pay google tv. We thank you guys. I mean we love your stuff and again it’s informative and I really do appreciate that by copping instead of boycotting So yeah we’d rather support people brilliant boycotting.

Yeah there’s actually we have a group on there I think right or something anyway, what we’re trying to do is start a something maybe once every two weeks, you know, and it’s kind of like a flash mob but we call him a grub mob where everybody goes and you pick 11 business a week and everybody go and show up and show so much support for that business and love for that business and then we can start kind of picking those out and we’re gonna you know, again these are just community ideas that we have that anybody can start these and again you have now a platform, anybody who out there is like, oh I want to start my own local group right?

Because it’s it’s unmanageable Peggy for a central source to do it, right, and that’s why we got to be decentralized and this is all about freedom. Freedom is taking things into your own hands and just doing it. I love that brad. You know, one of the most, um, I know I keep saying one of the most, but it is a very common thing that people say, um, everybody has to be united all of the freedom fighter groups, 11 unified front. That’s how the only way we’re gonna get through.

And I understand where that comes from. I really do, because the idea is that we’re going to be larger than them, whoever them, they are right. But the issue for me, so I, I hear that and I validate it and I value what they’re saying and in certain cases that is true. But where I want to draw the line is I don’t want to minimize, I want to maximize and amplify the value of the individual here is you and uh you know, brad and Emily to people that now granted you have the skills and talents and all and everybody has the skills and talents in different areas.

So I don’t have the technology, I have to pay for the type, but that’s fine. But I want to make sure that everyone values their own individual action. And yes, you want to be connected and supported and know that you’re not alone and that you’ve, you’ve got people that you can stand by side to side and rely on. You need the lift. You know, somebody to drive you somewhere. Maybe somebody can pick up the, I have people saying Peggy, I’m not the farmers market. You want me to pick up the coconut milk.

It’s like beautiful, that’s true community. But the the opposition, the oppressors, the tyrants want us to believe that we can’t be effective if it’s just individual groups doing their own strategies and techniques. Now in the armed forces, there are many branches of the military. You’ve got the navy specializes in naval operations and you’ve got the Air force specializes in air, you know, operations and and the marines do something else. So even though it’s one armed forces, there are different branches of the military. So that’s how I see the freedom fighters were all different ships in the same flotilla.

And I don’t think we all need to abandon our ships and go on the titanic because we’ll just let that state for the message. Another centralised thing that can be what we’re teaching here is decentralization and self responsibility and think for yourself, right? We don’t we don’t need more repeaters. So the more and more and again, that’s your 100% on. And each branch of the military also has many different sanctions of that too, right? So have your meaning branches, But then you’ve got like your, you know, your army rangers and you’ve got, you know, your, you know, air command this and tankers, you got everything right?

So, so there’s so much, but again, I think, and again, I think there are strength is what you just said is the decentralization and everybody having a platform and creating freedom with their own lives and in their own heart. And from here inside out, everything comes from the inside out and sew your freedom will bring and change the little group around you and then that will change the bigger group in the community. And that’s how we’re going to do it individually as a collective though. Yes, and that’s where we want to create communities and they’re coming up all over the place.

Again, this didn’t exist a year ago or six months ago, you know what I mean? So I’m just getting chills you guys. This is one of my most important interviews ever. You know, I live in a community, a condominium area and There’s about 300 homes give or take. It’s like we can’t even come together on the parking regulations, right? 300 people can’t even agree. And we all live in the same community, we can’t even agree on what the landscaping should look like. So how in the world are you going to have three 300,000 three million.

3, 30 million. 300 million? It’s not possible. And it shouldn’t be that way. It should be. Um the communities coming up organically naturally. Yes. With some, you know, um encouragement and and some direction and some ideas and cross pollination to use your idea of the seeds planting. And to me that is the most beautiful thing that comes out of this. We get to recreate the way we want it healthcare. You mentioned Emily. I mean, yeah, that is just it has overgrown, it’s the overgrown weeds and we really need to prove that.

And I’m happy to see that many doctors are, um, I don’t know about many, but in the alternative medicine realm, like the Cairo practice of acupuncture and all of that acupuncturist. My mom was an emergency room nurse. And so, um, I know all about medicine and all of that from her viewpoint and it’s the same thing brad. She never liked medicine. She liked, she would patch the people up, fix the broken bones, you know, give them the first aid and the emergency care. But she was not a person at all that you she did not like going to doctors.

She did not believe in medication as a way of managing uh you know, you’re Exactly. So I have a real jaded view of that anyway, even before all of this came on. So I’m thrilled because I think the chiropractic care, the alternative doctors, alternative practitioners, it shouldn’t even be called alternative. They’re the real they’re the real natural ones. Like people calling us anti maskers. No, sorry, we’re pro face. Well, I don’t know where your your anti face dude. I don’t know like we’re not anti, I don’t even know.

It’s just so you know, we’re the normal ones. They came on the scene to change something, right? So you’re the ones that should have the little cart going into. You’re here first. Exactly. How about one stay home, Right? You’re if you’re that freaked out, you’re gonna seriously mask you in your child. Stay home. Oh come on. They’re the ones that should have the little cart one mask at a time in the store and the rest of us just leave us up. You know they can stand six or 12 or 18 ft apart.

I don’t care exactly what you want but you know what friends? I do think you said it at the very beginning brad that the masks will be here. You know look at Japan. I did some research into Japan and my sister spent there a couple of times over the years and she said they just wear them. Some people wear them, they just do. And that started 100 years ago in that 1918 which we know also bears digging right? That whole Spanish flu thing. Who knows? Yeah. All of it dig dig deeper on that.

But that was 100 years later, that’s why they’re still doing it. But you know what? They do have their own volition, nobody made them do it. And I actually had a couple of students in the past that we’re wearing masks and I thought, oh, they probably have a cold and they don’t want to cough on anybody. I wasn’t bothered by that. It was their choice. They didn’t make me put on one because they were coughing. So you know what, I think it’ll, it’ll evolve to that that um, give it some time, you know?

But like the brainwashing is complete people. Um, don’t, don’t just don’t want to think for themselves, but we’re going to change that. And I love, I want everybody to go to and stick on with me friends, we’re going to be closing out the livestream, but hang on with me a little bit. So everybody brad and Emily from Tempe Arizona with the biggest Hearts, the most uh skilled with technology and building apps and websites. You’re going to love this experience. It’s going to blow all those other social media platforms out of the water.

This is going to be uncensored, unfettered, a place where you truly can be free. You’re going to find businesses that are freedom loving. You’re going to find people in your area that you can meet with face to beautiful face. And they’re building out an opportunity for singles to meet each other, which is very needed. And then also the job directory and this is all now. We’re launching it too. Well, we did kind of the soft launch. I’m announcing this at least through the healthy american and can’t wait to have you on board everybody.

So, uh, and of course Okay, Thanks everybody. Thank you baby

COVID + Health Freedoms

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