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Eric from the Free Minds Podcast joins us on the show to discuss what it's actually like to be a man that accepts responsibility for his life and reality.


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Hello, All you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast. I’m your host Bradley and today’s guest is ERic from the free Mine’s podcast. We had a wonderful conversation and I think that you’re going to enjoy the conversation just as much as we did. Um ERic is just a stand up man with great ideas and a level head on his shoulders. We were honored to have him on the show. He definitely has a free mind and it’s definitely one of the freedom people.

So let’s jump right into it. But before we do grab your telephone and text in the key word three minds. That’s FreeMinds to 844-992-FREE That’s (844 992 37 33 And receive today’s show notes. Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Yeah, mm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Hard to market. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Monetize it anyway. you know what I mean? But again, that’s for us. We’re not really trying to monetize it, so we’re trying to get the word of freedom out, man, the idea of freedom and it’s uh I’m just I couldn’t believe that we were under attack that this bad, you know what I mean?

Like we’d let it go go. So bad that people didn’t even care about freedom anymore. Like at all, even the right to breathe clean air, they’re like, fuck it, go ahead and take it. Oh yeah, it’s uh it’s not great right now for people that actually care about what made America America in the first place. Like the reason it’s so wonderful is because we had these institutions and we have these laws and we have these rights in these liberties and they were enforced and upheld by our constitution and respected by our institutions that enforce the constitution and everything was set up a certain way and then this critical race intersectional is um took over the universities and like a cancer or more accurately sort of like a virus.

It just sort of spread. Um, you know, from the bottom up essentially from the university that spread to all the, all the all industries. I mean the big tax, the media, social media like Hollywood, there’s literally there’s nowhere that’s unaffected by this disgusting racist philosophy that all white people are evil and all black people are oppressed by all white people. Um, and just this, this just psychotic racist narrative. It permeates everything and it all stems from critical race theory, critical theory, intersectional is. Um, and I mean it’s a sickness we this is and this is what we have to do to fight it.

We have to get together with like minded people and speak the truth. We have to try to turn people that are crazy, psychotic leftists. We have to try. I know it’s crazy because even people like um what’s his name, David? Um God, I’m forgetting his name in the moment. The black guy who goes around de radicalizing Klan members, uh, cox no, no, what, David? Um I’m going to say David Dorn, but that that was the black guy killed in one of the black man. Like, he sits down and he’s yeah, he sits down and has conversations with these KKK members and gets them to, yeah, dude, he radicalized over 200 of them, right?

So it’s like, but then, you know, there is whether that video of him trying to talk to elected and they just called him a racist and they wouldn’t even listen to a single word. I saw that. I was like, I was what? Right? Like if he can literally convince the actual white supremacist, actual white supremacists that they’re wrong. But psychotic progressive, you can’t even get your foot in the door. There’s no, I mean it’s demoralizing, but we still have the truck. Um and and yeah, so that’s why I appreciate, you know, people like you trying to have the conversations, people trying to reach out, make those connections.

It was the only way we’re going to win back the culture and we’re going to take back our country. Well, absolutely, man. And you really hit so eric real quick before we get too much into it. Can you can you introduce yourself and let the people kind of know who you are and and uh yeah, no, no, dude, it’s and it’s I love it, and we’re gonna have many of these, I have a feeling. Um but please please tell the people who are my good man. Um So I’m eric with a free mind podcast.

Uh I do the show well what it was weekly at first, but it sort of just turned into when I have time to do the show. Um but So I mean I was I was a liberal for most of my life, I’m 33, I’m a black man. Um I live in massachusetts, I was a liberal for most of my life just because that’s, you know, that’s the default setting for people. I feel like it’s just, it’s in the culture, it’s in like shows the you read it, it’s like it’s literally in everything if you, if you’re one of these people that just doesn’t really pay attention to politics and you don’t really, you just have better, more shit going on and you’re just not super worried about it and you just sort of see stuff on facebook and you hear things you’re going to just lean left just because everything around you lean to the left, you’re just going with the culture, you’re going with the flow, it’s, it’s just like a survival mechanism.

Um, so trump came around and it was at a time when I’m seeing, you know, there’s these black, I don’t know what pundits or whatever you wanna call them on the, on mainstream media every night, talking about how they’re so oppressed and you know, America is so racist and it’s so terrible and they’re always under siege by the police and then trump comes along and he says, okay, well you’ve been voting democrat your whole life and apparently everything sucks, right? So fucking vote for a republican, what do you have to lose?

And I watched all these same black hundreds on a dime, on a dying turn and go, how dare you claim. It’s not wonderful to be a black person in America. You must be right back. They literally don’t have principles, they do not have any principled positions, They have no intellectual consistency. The only thing they care about is whatever words or sentence will get them power in the moment. Their opinions will flip flop completely when the situation changes in, the roles are reversed in a month down the road.

These are people that aren’t committed to logic. They’re not committed to reason, They just have a slavish cold dish devotion to the woke narrative and it’s just poisoning absolutely everything. So trump came along and he essentially toward the mass off of the media. At least for me it was like you couldn’t because it was a guy who you saw him on, you know, the apprentice is like the number one show for how long, right? He’s in he’s in rap videos like to do, but part of the culture, there’s no denying it.

Like not everybody loved him, but he was like an undeniable part of the culture. Are we really going to sit here and say that was the NBC I think it was on, I’m not sure what the network was, but are we really going to sit here and say that this company was spending millions and millions of dollars every year on a show starring a white supremacist for like 11 seasons. Is that really what we’re all of a sudden now that he’s president president now he’s a white supremacist, right?

But that’s what I mean, like so what he just became a white supremacist over all of the sudden, right? So it’s like that’s what they want us to believe. Like all those times we had him on this show and we talked to him and we were smoothing and we saw him at the casa, that’s all that video mentioned him. Exactly. It was a came a white supremacist at some point when he was, as soon as he became a threat to the establishment, he was all of a sudden smeared a white supremacist and a racist and that was maybe for me it was like oh okay so this is the game, I see your game now.

The mask is off and trump was the catalyst for me being able to see the truth and from there I just dove into the fact that I have like a psychotic obsession with finding out what the truth is dude. Thank goodness man, thank God bro, not not many people do that. We need people like you, people like us that are willing to have conversations at all right now which is kind of crazy bro. We did a dude like we can talk about anything right now like it’s it’s and and again like uh the whole race thing you know to your point it’s just such a low vibe if you want to again if we’re gonna talk in any sort of like spirituality of some sort right where there’s vibrations and whatnot in this world and there is something spiritual right?

That’s deeper than skin right or deeper than the physical eyes can see right? Then then we have to understand that for them to be able to pit again it’s they can pit us against each other because the color of our skin again just super ridiculous still that that is even high I mean dude, like if you go back to the eighties and look at Eddie Murphy, you know what I mean? And him on stage in 1983 20 years old, 22 years old and I mean you know delirious and stuff that stuff like dude, holy shit bro, you and you can’t do now do and again those are the things that we make, we used to make fun of each other for because they didn’t matter, you know what I’m saying?

Like they’re obviously something that you can see but but enough that they didn’t matter that we can make fun of each other for it, you know what I mean? And that was part of comedy was race and and and just anything that made you different, it was obvious but it doesn’t really fucking matter. Do you know what I mean? Like it’s not that big a deal. That’s the weirdest thing to me about it is that people that don’t see race are racist in the eyes of the progressive right?

Like people that literally don’t care if you’re white or black and they treat equally to them that’s racist. It’s weird right? If if I don’t, if I don’t sit there and say that somehow I’m privileged just because of the color of my skin then I’m somehow devaluing another person because they’re of another color and it’s not even it’s not even black and white. It’s not even about african americans or black people or whatever you want to say, it’s not even that now it’s just any person of color and you’re like dude that is so ridiculous like uh the rainbow is very very very vast you know what I mean?

Of human beings in this world and like again I was not raised with racism in the home so it just never really, I never understood it. Like dude, I was in the marines, I was in the marines at 17. I grew up in a small town in Arizona uh cave creek, Arizona right? Small town on a ranch, right? Not very many black people um stuff like that. But again, I I went to the marines and I, I was in situations like you’re in a foxhole right? And I was, I was in a foxhole with with like legit people who just like from the south man that were there right?

And I’m talking the south like like these people came from homes that were racist right? But they’re not the racist. Like it’s anyway, I saw, I saw people like break through barriers because you’re sitting in a foxhole with somebody bro and really when you’re when life is on the line and nobody cares about the color of your skin or if you suck dick or not, or any of that shit again, all this stuff that they’re pitting us against each other, the most ridiculous thing, it’s like, but somehow this has what is permeating through our culture right now and it’s disgusting.

What you just said was really uh it’s really illuminating because that’s that’s very real. It’s like, you know, there’s no There’s no room for worrying about people’s skin color in a foxhole, like you have to worry about, am I going to die in the next 30 seconds or not? Right? So there’s this there’s this sense of this is a first world problem because the people, the psychotic progressives that are pushing this racist ideology are the same people that went to college with their parents, money got a fricking whatever liberal arts degree where they can do nothing with, they majored in black studies are like liberal dance or some ridiculous nonsense and they move back in with their parents, they contribute absolutely nothing to society and they write blogs about how oppression and injustice are permeating the world.

And it’s like you live in the most pampered the environment that any human in the history of earth has ever lived in. People that are people that the left considers impoverished today live better than kings and queens did 100 and 20 years ago, like royalty didn’t even have, people don’t like in my state, I can get a cheeseburger and a bag of weed delivered to my house, right? Right? Like without leaving the couch, right? There’s no oppression. I’m sorry nobody in America is oppressed. If your life sucks and you live in America, it’s because you stuck and you’re not out there chasing it.

You’re not out there getting the fucking dream, You’re not out there working hard, you’re not saving, you’re not, you know what I mean? You don’t know other principles, like anybody who wants to achieve in this country can do so. And it’s all a matter of perspective, like if you make 36,000 U. S. American dollars, you are in the top 1% income on the planet earth, right? But just because there’s somebody above you doesn’t mean you’re approved. Like you’re you’re you’re looking at the you are the one and you’re looking at the .

01 and you’re like, they’re holding me back fucking idiots. You don’t realize you already won the race, you already won your fighting nothing without a doubt, right? It’s like, uh if you look at climate change in third world countries, like there’s, there’s countries that have to burn wood essentially like making charcoal and wood for energy. But then Ngos from America show up and say, oh, those are, that’s not, that’s not green energy, You can’t use that. It’s terrible for the environment. Not realizing that these countries have to sort of deforest, in a sense, they have to use their resources, build up their infrastructure and then when they get to a point that the United States is that they will be able to lower emissions because they have the infrastructure in place, they’ll be able to lower pollution to be able to take care of their garbage, will be able to build up their systems to take care of everything.

But you have to start on the lowest rung, you can’t jump right to green energy. It’s not efficient enough, it’s not energy dense enough when the wind isn’t always blowing, the sun isn’t always shining. But these psychotic liberals they only push this idealism. Think all they can see is what they want the world to be. They don’t actually see what’s in front of them, they just see I know I can fix this if those evil republicans were in the way they literally they literally think you can just legend playing your way to utopia or free of course everything is free, free, free, free, free.

Yeah it’s like modern monetary theory, we’ll just print money, who cares what does it matter? People are completely untethered from reality. Absolutely bro. Well and think about think about a 20 to 24 year old today, they’ve never seen a real collapse of what should actually be taking place because of the dollar. It’s the way that the inflation is and how the dollar is devalued and it’s there’s a little bit about oh my god dude like this there’s some bad stuff happening as far as the value of the dollar which again the value of the dollar is only the value of the dollar because the people say it is right.

I mean really know that. I think it’s 60% of all the U. S. Dollars in circulation were printed in 2020. Yeah buddy. I know it’s one of my favorite like within seven months last year. Yeah. Yeah and the numbers were varying between 40 and 60%. Yeah I saw all kinds of things on it. It’s dude and. Yeah I mean and that’s saying a lot and they’re trying to deny inflation and you know what’s a good little experiment for people out there that want to just test it out themselves and they want to be able to see um go go to amazon or go to you know, best buy whatever whatever website used to buy stuff, throw something in your cart and just wait like two weeks and just watch the price go up because inflation is taking place in your your value of absolutely drinking.

Well that’s the thing but nobody looks at it and that’s a tax. That’s a tax. People don’t realize that that is a tax on your dollar. It’s way worse than attacks. It’s the government really diluting your money. Oh absolutely. But to me that’s what taxes I mean. Well it’s right, it’s valuing you’re taking money from money. Right? Right. Yeah. I’d rather they took my money and let this value and tap than just value. We’ll do it in the past 100 years. It’s it’s well so 1913 I’m sure you know this man, but before before I get we get into this, I just want to let everybody know that this is gonna be a fire fire talk.

It already is. And if you all want, yeah man. And if you all at all want any of this information and want to go deeper to text in the keyword free minds. 28449923 that’s 8449923733 texting that keyword Free minds and we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes man. And uh this is just man again to have somebody who is a free thinker like yourself and that’s really why we’re starting this podcast brother is we gotta, we gotta connect with our peoples man. And that’s one thing I have to say 2020 did was um it brought us all together and it’s it’s brought us all to arms, so to speak.

The conservative realize holy shit, the house is on fire. We have to do something. Yeah, yeah. I’ve, dude, I’m, I’m a freedom missed. You know what I mean? I’m like in this, this battle between, and that’s, that’s something that I’ve always stayed away from personally is getting into any sort of groups. Right? The Marine Corps was the last big group I was in or big like how to choose a team or side, uh, truth, truth and freedom. That, that dude, and that’s what I’m about. Freedom liberties.

I guess if anything, if I was to be put into some sort of little political box, would be a libertarian, uh, minimal government don’t tread on me, Um, minimal tax stop taking my money too because you think you can spend it better than me. It’s, it’s an, it’s an odd concept, um, you know what I mean? Like, Yeah, let’s connect. I think the main um problem that people like you and I maybe not you not necessarily just conservatives, or maybe not republicans, conservative leaning people in general faith is that people like us tend to be more individualist.

We care about, like you said, you’re more libertarian. I’m assuming you mean, like, a small l libertarian where it’s, like, you know, the individual not a liberal, you know, like, a liberal libertarians, like, you know, Ron paul, like, like, Yeah, I know. Yeah. I mean, not, like, not like the libertarian party, you just mean, like, libertarian, the libertarians are fucking psychopaths, You know, the whole all of them are to me, I’m just like, they all to me, nothing’s changed eric in republican democrat. And I say this all the time, left wing right wing Sandberg, I just that whole thing, it doesn’t, I’ve seen, you know, um President Bush Bush, Jr you know, Reagan Reagan, again to me was really last last trump was the first president.

That was like a legitimate breakout. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And again, he wasn’t he’s not a GOP guy or one of those rhinos or what’s a rhino? Or rhino is like somebody who is a Republican, but then votes democrat. I’m learning all these Republican in name only. Yeah. Right, right. So yeah, man, and I’m just again, this is about connecting with like minded individuals and spreading the good word, dude, of freedom. Yeah, absolutely. I love it. Um that’s that’s exactly why I started all this. It’s like I, you know, like I was saying the main problem that we all have that we all face as conservatives is this um, this whole the weaponization of of of the media and and everything against us.

It’s this whole like we all were sort of we’re all individualists. Like I was saying like, we all believe in the the individual is the most important like block of voter, it’s the person, right? So the problem is the people on the left are collectivist, and it turns out that when you have a million people and they all agree with each other and they’re all active in the political sphere, they create this like hammer of cancel culture. Like they can they created this power, it just sort of coalesced out of the power of social media with facebook all these like, it just wasn’t a thing.

It’s it’s sort of an emergent phenomena, it wasn’t a thing before, because we didn’t have those mechanisms before. But now we do. And the collectivist nature of the left just sort of created this new monolith that we we never I don’t think the republicans saw this coming. At least not most people didn’t see this coming. Um, so there’s this, it’s like, what do you do, I mean, how how how do you fight this when you’re the kind of person that you believe that I have my beliefs and you have your beliefs and I don’t want to force my beliefs on you. Yeah.

Who are at a disadvantage when the other side is willing to force their beliefs down on you and you believe they have the right to their opinions. Like, like conservatives are defending certain liberal positions and then they get, you know, conservatives get canceled liberals, you got cancelled, but it’s like, you don’t understand, you’re next, they’re coming for you next. But like, you’re the next one to get canceled. There’s like liberal public, like a liberal channels are being dropped from Youtube and all this. And I’m like, well why are you censoring us?

Like, well, you don’t understand same side. Yeah, no, you idiot. Oh my God, I literally saw a video on twitter. It was, it was, it was a riot or a mob of, you know, blm people like, you know, surging through Seattle and there was a black woman and a black man and they were standing there yelling and there was a white guy next to him and started yelling and they were like, shut the fuck up! And he’s like, I’m on your, he’s like, I’m on your side.

They’re like, no, you’re not, you’re fucking white. And then he’s just like, the look on his face was just like, oh, I thought I was helping you realize at this moment, like these people literally they keep their own, they don’t care about anything, they don’t have any grounding principles that they actually care about other than wielding power against those that they disagree with. And it’s so dangerous because unprincipled revolutions always eat their own. Look at the french revolution that did not end well for any of the people who started it.

I mean like it’s just yeah, it’s really sad and it’s this problem that I don’t know how to solve other than starting a podcast that I started and trying to speak out and trying to you know get the truth out there. But it’s like screaming into a tornado, it’s like I don’t have that much volume you know Dude and that’s why Dude eric dude and that that’s why we’re starting this as well is because instead of instead of yelling at the tornado, just ignore the tornado and let it go spin itself out and then you you connect up with other like minded individuals like ourselves and we’re gonna we’re creating our own counter culture, our own counter economies.

Like I don’t know if you know how much about the freedom people, but the freedom people dot org. Um Like on there we have a directory, write a business directory. So um businesses that aren’t requiring any of this tyrannical bullshit that I just can’t believe anyone who that’s a whole other tangent and rabbit hole free can go down there and stuff. Um bro just the old well that and again the masks and and and again it’s about liberties and freedoms, right? Here’s how I feel about it, is that if you are scared for your life because of the invisible boogeyman, right?

There’s just this invisible thing killing people, millions of people, you know, a and thank God, and and we really need, I think maybe so much to start a fund for all the people that have been cleaning up all the dead bodies out of the streets every night. I’m not sure who they are, but really we should we should start a fund for those people because I haven’t seen a dead body on the street yet. And and I mean, that must be really good, you know, because the media is telling us that we have dead people, uh, all over the floor right now, right?

So, um, just hats off to you guys like whoever you are, I’m gonna give you a round round of applause Thank you for all the dead body through people. Yeah, thank you. Yeah, yeah, Get out of here again. It’s just such bullshit. And that’s what I’m saying, man, is that I’m just I’m tired of my rights being trampled on. I’ve sat by idly for 20 years. I’ve known about this for 20 years. I had in 1997 had my wake up about the media line to me and that’s what kicked my ass right for years.

And then I just became complacent because dude, like you said, it’s like yelling into a tornado, right, are you gonna do dude? And you can imagine 20 years ago, I was trying to tell people that the Federal Reserve Bank was privately owned bank and people were disowning me and never spoke to me again literally 20 years ago. Still. Yeah, dude. And it’s like, it’s like, but again, you know, we are we’re touching where what you’re doing is you’re you’re you’re touching people’s core belief systems, right? Not their values but their core belief systems.

And these belief systems are that the media tells you the truth, right? The coordinate system that the government would never lie to you, right? Again, when it’s just complete B. S. Right? And if if you and that’s where I think like, you know, having these awakenings that we’ve had and being able to see through that, right? And it’s it’s like in my um my better half miss Emily freedom over here, what she what she likes to say is it’s like getting out of a bad relationship once you once you’ve been in like an abusive relationship and you get out of it, then you’re like holy shit, how did why did I stay so long?

Right. And you but when you’re in it, you don’t really know it and it’s it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Yeah, man. And so again, I’m dude, it’s it’s so awesome to have have again, starting these these sort of things and again, that’s what we’re doing. So we’re we’re creating our own counterculture and what we do is we, we start yelling together in the same way, right? But we’re not even yelling anymore, we’re just walking peacefully and calmly towards the direction that we want and and letting the tornado destroy itself because that’s what’s happening.

It’s already happening bro, if you look around, it’s it’s already starting to devour itself, right? Like you were saying now all these liberal place or channels and things like that are going to start getting cancelled and it’s just gonna start eating itself more and more. And our objective here at the freedom people is to um to preserve a way of life, right? And uh and uh I guess it’s a belief system right? Or or values right now and I guess something that can be changed, but it’s the values of freedom and because I don’t know what we have if if we’re not free.

Well then what foundation do we have to build anything? It’s all just kind of B. S. Man. Yeah. I think that a lot of the invisible barriers that we all thought were there were Exposed to not be there in 2020. Yeah, But uh I think a lot of the a lot of the invisible, like the institutions that we thought just worked in the background, we saw that they are not working. That was the year that I think a lot of people got red pills last year. Yeah. I think the riot helped red pill.

A lot of people to realize that the media is not telling you the truth. We’ve got reporters literally standing in front of the locks of burning buildings being like, yeah, it’s mostly peaceful protests here. Some like this fucking dude serious right now. Like you literally just said that like literally buildings burning people throwing Brexit old women, you know, it’s pretty much peaceful here. These are black people, so we’re not allowed to say anything bad about them. So it’s like this is absolutely fucking psychotic. And I mean if we literally saw 10 months of rioting from the left and we saw the media obviously the truth sort of be like blase about it or just flat out defending the riots because you know, black people being murdered in the streets is just as bad as Covid, there’s people saying like, oh it’s, you don’t go out, but unless you’re protesting for social justice and then it’s totally okay to go, don’t look right inner cities in any way where all the murders are taking place, like, don’t don’t look there at all.

You know, I mean because and I mean, all the black people that were killed in the BLM riots, No one talks about that. Like, you know, David Dorn Black, He was a police captain. Yeah. Shot. He was he was guarding one of his friends shop or his shop or something. Exactly, right. Friend owned a store. And you know, it was getting crazy because his writers and he called his buddy who was an extra copy to come help him because their community and they help each other and that’s what they believe in.

And he died doing what he what he lived doing, protecting his community in the name and the name of a black principles in the name of black lives that matter, right? He died so that some other apples could, right? So these people kill they take the lives of actual black people so that they can stand up for some theoretical black people somewhere else because that is the perfect microcosm of what the left does. They pass laws and legislation that on paper helps people. And then when they hit the real world it completely falls apart.

Because they only see the idealism, it’s like the minimum wage argument. They don’t understand anything about economics, but they keep raising the minimum wage and they don’t understand they keep pricing people that don’t get their pricing them out of the market, so there’s less people working. So there’s less GDP which means there’s less taxes, which means it’s actually less advantageous for them. But these people they’re only interested in things that sound good. They have no they have absolutely no interest in doing anything that has any practical application of helping anyone right?

And it’s all about the feelings over the facts, right? And like you said, and they get the mob mentality. Really, really good. They’re good at the mob mentality, right? And even if though it doesn’t make any sense or or fiscal sense in any way, like you’re just like, well financially this there’s like has to come from somewhere, right? I mean, and and they’re like, well we’ll just print more money or tax the rich and you’re like, well, well, I mean, but I mean here’s the thing is like, right?

But the risk and just fucking leave. Do they like look like this happened dude? And like, I mean joe Rogan Elon musk, I mean whoever who else last left daily wire, right? All left California. I mean this dude, they’re gonna go somewhere else, they’re gonna put their money somewhere else, they’re going to do something else and go to another freaking country. Dude, it’s I mean people that don’t have a lot of money can get offshore bank accounts these days, so it’s not that difficult and so it’s just like there there, but again, like you said, it’s very short sighted.

Um and and with the phenomenon that matter self congratulation as a means for public policy, thomas Soul wrote an entire book on this, it’s called Vision of the Anointed. He literally goes over like 40 years, 50 years of policies of liberal policies that did the exact fucking opposite of what they were trying to do with no recognition from any of the people involved. Because what actually like the practical application of their laws couldn’t care less about any of that. That’s not that isn’t how they derive their morality, their morality is not derived from I did X and X help the community.

Their their morality comes from a completely different place. It’s an idea of cosmic justice, right? It’s the idea that I did this thing with sounds like it helps black people to me, and that’s the end of it for them, it doesn’t need to actually have any practical application or ability to help people, it just needs to lean in the direction that makes them feel good and then they know they followed the rules of the cult and that there are good leftist. Uh these people, it’s like, it’s like when you when you hear progressive and conservative talk about deterrence, progressives literally do not understand deterrence, they just want to what they want to be de weaponized, they just want to now what we’re going to demilitarize, gonna be weaponized, we’re gonna de escalate.

They don’t understand there’s no right, there’s they don’t have the same other countries, like china for example, don’t have the same incentives. They don’t have the same oversight that we do. So it’s like if we de weaponize, they’re gonna be like yeah, yeah, sure. We we threw all of our guns away, meanwhile they’re built they’re making more because they’re duplicitous. Like these people, they don’t have the ability to think in nuance. They don’t have the ability to have any real practical application of knowledge. They just see their utopian vision and they operate in the world based on how they think they can achieve it without ever realizing that they can’t achieve it.

It’s not possible. It’s the whole idea of the constrained vision versus the unconstrained vision, that’s what tearing our society apart, People that base their everything on idealism and how they think it should be. And there’s people that see what the real world is and that understand that we’re going to have to make some concessions and that there’s going to be some people that don’t have the best life ever. But we’re not going to be able to legislate that away. We’re just going to hurt other people with our extra legislation.

Sorry, big rants, I don’t know, you know, this is amazing stuff. And again, man, I’m going to urge my, my listeners, your listeners, whoever’s listening to this thing. Text in the word. What was our? Oh yeah. Keyword is free minds texting the keyword. Free minds 2844992 Free again, that’s 8449923733 and type in that. Or send us texts in that free minds keyword and we’re gonna send you out the show notes from today for America. This is yeah, just really fascinating stuff. You, you’re obviously very well think thought thought out and spoken.

Uh yeah man, it’s, it’s an honor to have you and, and talk about this stuff and, and so so so have you been, I’m not sure. Have you been following the George Floyd stuff at all? I personally don’t follow all over. Okay, awesome, awesome man. Like dude like today. Um so you know Tim Pool is, I’m sure he’s my, he’s my main source of information on the world is simple. Sweet. Yeah, right. He’s great. I love what he does. He’s totally non biased man. Well like I don’t, again, I watched, started watching him last year.

I’d never heard of him until again when I got locked down is when I started like, okay, well I guess it’s go time I guess were up in arms. Dude, it’s world War Three. New information. Yeah. Right. Because that’s literally where we’re at, man. It’s crazy. So anyway, but I was listening to tim pool just before we got on. Um and he was talking about how the show of in guy um but the main the main witness for the state who is supposed to be the the use of force expert guy actually kind of said that that show of in the cop actually should have used more or was authorized to use more force include more force and still been still been perfectly fine under the law. Right. Right.

And I mean and and here’s the thing, but they again, it’s your what you said in the beginning, it’s the media spinning this narrative and that’s the most insidious thing. I think that we’re dealing with in our country is the manipulation of information and you take somebody like Candace Owens, which I love her, by the way. Right? But anybody that is a BLM supporter absolutely hates her. And it’s like but and and this I’m talking about white people. It’s like but how come you, how come that black person you’ll listen to that black person?

But you won’t listen to the hodge twins, You won’t listen to, you know, tatum officer tatum, Brandon tatum, you won’t listen to him, You won’t listen to any of these people. Black people who are actually upstanding people who’ve made success. You won’t listen to them. You’re only going to listen to these poor like athletes who have had some success, but it’s again bullshit success, right? It’s like they were good at some sort of sport or something and they’re good at that and they put in the work to do that and God bless you, but you have that and the sport is geared towards that and stuff, but not towards these like academic, amazing people.

It’s not like you get what I’m saying, I know you do and it’s just that, that was kind of Yeah, you see people like you see people like Lebron James who makes, I don’t know how many hundreds of millions of dollars a year talking about how impressed he is. And I’m like, you’re not fucking serious right now. There’s right, like you’re literally not fucking serious. Like he’s talking about how I get hunted every day when I leave my house. Like, well you must be pretty fucking a child.

You must be a dick too, because if people are hunting you, you’re an asshole. Then sorry, stop being a dick craziness. You hear this bullshit about, you know, uplift black voices and uplift black voices. You see like there’s like a section on the facebook where you go to publish content and it’s like, I don’t know if you ever look down there, but it’s like there’s a whole thing where it’s like uplift black voices and on netflix, there’s like the black everywhere dude everywhere on yelp on everything.

Like, like you said, there’s conspicuously there’s no thomas soul, there’s no candace Owens, there’s no walter Williams, there’s no Shelby Steele. There’s no there’s no black morgan Freeman, you know, I mean there’s no like of these. Yeah, yeah, right. There’s none of that. So that, you know, they like to try to claim, well we’re, we’re a whole work work giving black people a voice, but it’s really just, you’re giving black people who agree with you a voice because you’re a tribal psychopath and everybody else to hell with them and actually you can kill them if you want because they’re not worth anything.

It’s it’s a very weird thing and it causes this visceral reaction in people, like they’re like I hate that woman and they’re talking about candace Owens, and I’m like, I was like, how can you hate her? She’s a very well spoken educated, well thought out woman again. Yes. Yeah. And why? Why? And why wouldn’t you want to like? And and here’s the thing is I’ve I’ve had like friends right who are big Blm supporters, right? And you know it is what it is and I try and educate them on on stuff and and then it’s socialist Marxist and they’re trying to like this is a communist overtake of our country, help me out here, but nobody will listen right again, it’s just very emotionally charged and and that they they pull us around by our nose hairs, right?

Everybody just kind of gets pulled around by their nose hairs and says, oh look at this racist thing, This racist thing. And then they try and blow that thing up and make it all anyway man. But again it causes this visceral reaction in people that are like, I don’t know why she’s beautiful, but I I just I hate her. You know what I mean? Because they have this belief system so ingrained in them that that white people are bad, right? And the reason that there that black people tend to be in these minority communities that are oppressed.

I’m not I mean there’s no I mean, you know, I mean I mean what was the cause tuskegee experiments where they Right, that’s what they did they on black people they injected but that’s just generally not not not really. And I mean back then I can understand it more right? Whereas again the as Candace Owens says the racist thing is not even on her top 100 list man. It’s that’s not what’s problem. The problem is is no no parents in the home, nobody learning these values that we’re talking about right now.

Which is is taking some self responsibility for your your your world, taking some self responsibility for your experience and not saying everything outside of me is to blame. It’s really sad because the narrative that they craft forces like it’s so disgusting because it’s essentially like I said this in my last interview but I’m gonna say it again because it really just nails on the head. They they white people don’t need to oppress black people anymore because black people do it for them. They’re trained to oppress themselves and each other. Yeah.

That’s the cool thing to do. That’s now the culture right? If if you’re not oppressed and some gangbanger or oppressed or doing this or rap or something, then then you’re not doing black right? You’re a black kid who’s reading book and trying to educate yourself and increase your human capital. You’re acting white, You’re not a real black person. So they actually successfully convinced black people that what it means to be black is to be an ignorant criminal who doesn’t know anything, doesn’t read and doesn’t better themselves and black people bought it and have adopted it to be there.

This is who we are now. It’s really unfortunate because this toxic culture that again this is another thing thomas Sowell wrote a book about that I read, it’s called Black Rednecks and white liberals. I would suggest literally every human being on planet earth to read this book and it changed your life. Um the toxic culture was transplanted from certain parts of like Ireland and Scotland and europe to the south because all those people Came to the south, then those people got slaves. So nine out of 10, there was a time when the country where nine out of 10 people And I’m sorry 99 out of 10 black lived in or came from the south.

So there was this large that this transfer of this toxic culture to black people that somehow white liberals then decided to attribute to black people as though it was unique to them. It’s not um it’s just the culture of sort of, you know, if somebody insults me, I will literally go to jail to for for respect, like I will, I will go to jail if you step on my fucking shoe, I’ll murder you. Um people that don’t work hard, people that are just, they like chasing pussy all day is more important than actually getting a job.

You know what I mean? Like people who, they just have all the wrong values, They have all the wrong morals instilled in them. And of course all those things bleed into your life. They bleed into how much money you make. They bleed into the opportunities you have, they bleed into the people that you spend your time with and all those things lead to very disparate outcomes. The left wants to try to make it so that all cultures and all decisions and all everything, all decisions are equally valid.

If you want to sit in your house all day and shoot crack into your fucking toes, you should be allowed to do that. But you should also have as much money as an investment banker that works 300 days a year, bust his ass and is trying to build a life for a family. All decisions are equal and everything should everyone should have the same outcome at the end because reasons right? Row. And that’s that’s that’s what they say equal opportunity, not equal outcome because because the outcome is based on you and and by the way that’s that’s why else, how else do you want to live again?

Like to me that’s that’s the name of the game that this is the game of life dude, if you you know what I mean, If you want to kind of put it in those terms, but like that that’s what we’re not where we can we can equally be NBA professional, right? Just right. I’m 5 11. Can’t shoot for shit. Dude, I’m not going to the NBA. It’s just what you want to make. They want everything to be equal everywhere. It’s this idea of cosmic justice and they will literally try to tear a form reality fit this vision that they have.

But of course all they do in the process is destroy reality and they destroy our institutions and they’re destroying our country and they couldn’t care less. Yeah, they couldn’t care less. Dude. Yeah man. Dude. Yes, yes, spitting all this truth eric it’s amazing, it’s amazing stuff. Well yeah, yeah it’s and again it’s it’s like dude, keep it going, I love the fire man, and that’s the thing and that’s where we need we need people pumped up fired up dude. And just again kind of balance these airwaves because right now it seems like you know the the opposing narrative of of what we’re trying to talk about here, which is freedom uh is the opposite of freedom, which is restriction right?

And everybody wanted to tell somebody else what to do. And there’s it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get, like you said, there’s there’s no there’s no give right um what’s that guy’s name again, who we were saying? Who literally talks KKK members out of being KKK members, but can’t talk to a liberal, right? You remember his name? I know he’s such a podcast. Yeah, yeah. That’s where I first learned about him. Yeah. And I listen to that part and I was like, man, but again, and and there’s, you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the morgan morgan Freeman any of his interviews, but he talks a lot about how about you call stop calling me black man.

I’ll start calling you white man will just be men, you know what I mean? Like, again, again, we have to move past, like like had you not told me you were a black guy, I wouldn’t have even known or give a shit dude again it’s it’s not something I care about, you know what I mean? It’s like dude I don’t care about your skin color even if you do, do you know what I’m saying like and and it’s a it’s a weird place to be because again I have a lot of black friends who it’s never come up, I dated a black woman for seven years bro and never came up, never came up again.

It was just I mean it was just it but then then after all this like people just man friends that I had and stuff they were like oh yeah I mean well you know they didn’t say it directly or anything like that and we don’t speak a lot of them anymore right? A lot of people, I’m not even on facebook anymore. I self ejected off that platform last summer. I was just because I was trying in the beginning to, to talk to people. But then that’s when I realized dude, the brainwashing is, is set in the, you know what I mean?

It’s completely washed it, it’s sparkling clean like Yeah, yeah man, it’s and it’s, it’s trying to it was just like, and that’s where again, why we’re starting, I’m an action taker and so we’re like, you know what we, first of all what I was, that’s why we started the Freedom Directory, the freedom Directory dot com. Um now goes to directory dot the Freedom People dot org, right? So it’s kind of under the umbrella of the Freedom people, but it was just because I wanted to go and sit down and have a meal without being looked at like a psychopath, because I’m not putting a freaking tinfoil mask on my face, you know what I mean, like, like I’m the conspiracy theorists, okay that yeah right instead of the tinfoil hat, you got tinfoil mass now bro, that’s like and it’s like all of these freaking conspiracy theorists running around with mask, like there’s invisible fucking boogeyman bug guy and again all the dead people at night in the streets are getting cleaned up so nobody seems to see it.

So like yeah, so I don’t know man, I don’t I don’t know, I’m just dead body, bury a dead body ferries out there doing ninja shit man. Yeah man, yeah dude, so so so but let’s go back to the, if you don’t mind, can we go back to the, to the, to the Lloyd Floyd? Sorry, the Floyd um trial, Yes, sure do it Well I mean and again we kind of started going off but I think we all failed a little bit but they but what else what else have you been seeing from like?

And again I haven’t been watching the trial itself, I’ve been watching Tim Pool and and I listened to you know I don’t know other conservative I guess people and again a lot of these people didn’t used to be conservative. Like Tim Pool was not a conservative at all. He bought his first gun last year. I’m not sure if you were following it but that was kind of cool to watch them kind of go through the process of you know sorry about boo biscuit you’re good. Um Yeah I mean I I get my news from a lot of the same places.

I’ve seen a lot of what you’ve seen um there’s basically, you know I mean you can watch the video of the arrest. He was literally saying I can’t breathe when he was in the store being arrested. He was saying I can’t breathe when he’s sitting in the police cruiser alone by himself. He’s saying I can’t breathe. And then he literally yelled, I swallowed too many drugs while he’s laying on the ground being I’m not trying to I’m not trying to laugh. It was like no it’s not, but it’s like it’s so fucking comically obvious why he died.

And it’s like these people, they literally can’t see anything else. I saw a tweet from some again, I got off of facebook largely because it’s just screaming into a tornado every once in a while I can’t resist and I’ll scroll through and I just see like one of my liberal idiot friends posted a tweet. It was something like we how broken is this country? It’s like we literally are having a trial for a murder we all witnessed. It’s like you just you just do you know that he had like your he had like over four times the lethal amount of uh of an overdose of fentaNYL in his system, right?

You saw that probably a louder with crowder. You watch crowder at all like So yeah, so crowded. They were talking about this morning actually they were going through like that right? They were doing they were doing speed balls dude like methamphetamine which again methamphetamines instead of you back in the day was methadone and heroin or cocaine, heroin. Now it’s like fentaNYL like whatever. Anyway the point is is like he was eating these fentaNYL and and then his best friend you saw his best friend is or I guess I don’t know, mentor guy or something.

Yeah the dealer right? Who then backed out and said I can’t testify because I might actually, because now they have incriminated himself because the dude’s dying because of all the drugs he took, he ate a bunch of fentaNYL, right? But when the cops got there again something he’s done in the past and that’s what I’m trying to say. This is not like like it was like you know I mean martin Luther king Jr that was killed by some cops on the streets and but that’s that’s what the that’s what the rhetoric is it.

This is a dude who’s a criminal, you know what I mean? Like and and again i it’s uh colours you. Yes I do broke into a pregnant woman’s house with his friends and held a knife to her stomach while his friends pistol whipped her, beat her and rob her apartment, yep, That’s a pretty upstanding dude, right? Yeah, let’s tear down the fucking country for that guy, lets do that. This is the kind of guy that deserves an award, his family, $28 million, right? You’re, there’s like George Floyd avenue and a bunch of town cities now and there’s like, no, no, no go zones or whatever they’re called, and the democrats did that whole ridiculous african rag ceremony or whatever the fucking nonsense that, like, it’s literally insane, but they have to just, you’re literally witnessing this won’t psychotic tribal illness, it’s a cult, you’re witnessing, you’re witnessing the cult of the woke permeating everything in our society.

This man was literally a fucking piece of shit who, frankly in my opinion, deserve to die. Did he deserve to die by, you know, whatever, whatever confluence of events happened, the way it happened? Maybe not, but if he if he went to President, gotten fucking stabbed in the throat, I would I wouldn’t know. But here’s the thing, it was his decisions that put him there and this is what I’m trying to really instill in people is is self responsibility, right? And again, to me, that’s just like a redundant weird thing to say, like, just take the responsibility for yourself because when you do that, you take your power back, bro.

You know what I mean? But exactly, you just fucking nailed it when you, when you blame everyone else for your problems, you also give up the ability to change your own life because you’re not you’re not you’re not responsible for your more responsible for my education, you’re responsible for my health, you’re responsible for my kid, you’re responsible for this. Oh, it’s because of the government’s fault. It’s because the color of my skin. It’s because well that that’s again a thing is it’s like to me this is all about class bro or the haves and the have nots, okay, this is not about race or this is not about anything else.

This is the biggest wealth transfer that’s ever happened this last year. By the way, trillionaire is billionaires and trillionaire is now. Right, okay, you got Bill Gates was heavenly heavily invested in the vaccines 20 to 1 return. He’s admitted on camera saying these things and I’ve tried to tell people these things and they still think he’s just the messiah there. Like he gave up his fortune, he did not, he reinvested it in another freaking uh in another product and it’s called vaccines. And why do you think he’s out there?

And he’s been he’s been laying the groundwork and planting the seeds for this for years. Dude he’s admitted it, He’s admitted it, you know what I mean? 2015 he gave that that what was that that ted talk right saying how he had to use that part of the great reset bro? Yeah exactly 2030 and that’s that’s fully out there now and it’s they’re admitting it and and but nobody seems to even care and it’s like you don’t talk about it and they tell me I’m a conspiracy theorist, I’m like dude literally go to the go to the world, can literally go to the World Economic Forum’s website.

It was on the front page of their website for like yes like in 2020 literally looking in the face until your conspiracy theorist, I’m like do you not have some? Yeah they’re the ones walking around with a fucking tin foil mask on. It’s again the upside down world bro, we’re in the upside down world, literally did Yeah yeah man yeah, I gotta say I want to say again, thank you for having me on, I really appreciate it. I’ve had some people on my show, I have yet to really be a guest and other people show and sort of get my my my my feet dipped into like a new audience so I really appreciated the opportunity and I just can’t thank you enough for taking the time and let me talk to your audience and just sort of express my ideas and everything.

I really appreciate it Dude, you are more than welcome american uh you know the same is over here on this side dude, um it’s been an honor and again just having another human being in the world that we can connect with, right, Because that’s what we’re doing, we’re kind of connected nodes. Um because this is an idea, this is this is these are values, these are values that we’re trying to kind of share. Uh and let people know they still exist, you know what I mean? Because I know for us for whatever reason we don’t have a lot of local support like this, it’s we’re finding more and more of our friends now and people I actually trust who I’ve never met in person.

It’s kind of a weird place to be right, you’re just like but just because we do share those values and again, people of all faith of all all uh sexuality. Again, I don’t even know why it matters right. L. G. B. Gives a shit but again like it and that’s where I another thing I don’t really understand is these the again it’s just the mentality of the cult or the mentality of this beast and it’s gonna keep eating itself right? All these people who were fighting for freedoms and stuff like that, or you know, in your lesbian gay community, they’re destroying all of that.

They don’t understand what they’re doing right there, destroying it, because what’s going to happen now is they’re taking away all the freedoms. So now all the freedoms that gave them the ability to do all these things they wanted, they’re not gonna be able to change or do anything ever again, right? And it’s just like this weird paradigm that we’re we seem to be seeped in right now. And uh again, it’s just nice to have another beacon of light to connect with and yeah man, I really got to keep doing this dude, we got to keep doing this, you know, they’re absolutely I’m fucking I’m down man, I’d love to be on the show again.

Yeah, I’m going to leave you with this. That there is hope. Okay. I spent uh an hour and some change on the phone today with a woman. I’m not going to name her because I never commission, but she’s got a PhD in the sociology, she lives in California. Um she’s a liberal, I’m talking to her trying to get her on the show. Um So we spent an hour talking and I was like, you know, basically, um this is why I believe what I believe basically trump, opened my eyes to the lives of everything and I sort of broke down exactly what he’s done um What I saw what the media was telling me, how I figured out they were lying.

And by the end of the conversation I had I had shaken her beliefs. I had shaken her, um how sure she was and what she thought was true. And so if you can, even if you can even reach literally, if you can even reach one person, if you can get just one person to question something about what they believe that we’re, it seems like a really minuscule victory, but you’ve got to start winning those small victories before you can win the big ones. It’s all about just trying to expose the double standard, just trying to expose the lies of the media.

Because once you get someone, once you get it in their head, hey, am I being fucking lied to? They’re going to go do the work themselves because people don’t want to feel like an idiot. If you can just, if you can just get one thing, like slide one thing under the door like, hey look, the media said this, look, this is what actually happened. See it’s right here. If you can just get one piece of information to penetrate that bubble, that can be all it takes for them to free themselves from this prison that they’re in.

So it’s like, you know, there is hope out there, there is hope we can do this right? We just gotta keep fighting. We have to not get complacent. We have to keep be willing to be willing to be called a racist, be willing to be called a white supremacist, be willing to be smeared, be willing to take all those slings and arrows because that’s what it’s going to take. Yeah, I’ve never been called a racist, like, I mean maybe behind my back or something when I was younger and I didn’t know about it, but like, like to my face ish, I guess if on the social media’s or whatever, right?

Again, because I really don’t believe people would say this stuff to your face, but again, and that gives us a form of anonymity that people enjoy these days. That’s another thing the internet is done right, is they can get these mob things, but nobody actually has to be a man or a woman or that’s right. Uh, what am I looking for? Uh, figure of speech their right? But I’m just saying like, like nobody is really kind of, you know, enough to stand and face to face and say some of these things, right?

So I think it gives that extra little bit of uh, behind it. Um, but dude, and that, that’s a beautiful story. Uh, thank you for that and we need, and we’re going to get more of that, you know what I mean? And maybe one day we can all have a talk with that person you’re talking about, right? And I know other people that I would love to have them have a conversation with you if they’d be willing, right? Because again and it’s just so ridiculous. But and this is as racist as fuck is because it’s the color of your skin that I want to talk to you about fucking with other people because again it’s just like I’m trying, it’s it’s a weird place to be in man.

It’s like I was, I’ve never been corporations more in my life based in terms of race, right? They think in terms of race and in order to beat them, you have to try to like think how they think it’s like a weird. Yeah, I totally get it. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Fuck yeah, awesome man. Well eric, thank you so much dude, it’s been a pleasure and honor. Um And let’s stay in touch. Um Well uh there goes the baby dude, wow. Yeah we just had a baby um two weeks ago ish. Congratulations.

Thank you. Thank you. It’s uh it’s a it’s a beautiful thing man. It’s it’s our first right? So we have a little bit extra kind of stake in this game called life now right? Yeah. So beautiful. Yeah man. Yeah and uh and thanks again ERic and yeah dude let’s we’ll set up another one. I’d I’d be honored to come on your show or we can have you come back on here or whatever man. We’re uh we’re again just trying to spread the Good Word of freedom Row.

Good word of freedom. Alright. Yeah. Thanks man, that sounds good. Uh Please remember to uh check out three mine’s podcast. Yeah. Tell him how to get, Sorry. Yeah. Do tell them. Yeah. Apple music, Spotify. Follow me on twitter at three months podcast. Um There’s no I in the mine because I didn’t have enough letters but yeah that’s the Apple, Apple and Spotify is where you can find me. I do a couple episodes a month. Um and we’re trying to grow, we’re trying to get more guests, were trying to have conversations and we’re doing exactly what you’re doing, so thank you very much again.

Yes, absolutely bro. Thank you. Thank you very well. Very well done man, we’ll talk soon. Yeah. Mhm.

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