Listen to The Freedom People podcast hosted by Bradley Freedom. Expect to hear everything about freedom. Topics range from health, wealth, government and spirituality. Brad’s overall philosophy on life is taking personal responsibility which is synonymous with personal freedoms. Nothing is off topic and listen for one of the few places to hear censor free content. This is not the show for you if you’re easily offended. Listen to Brad discuss current events and how to become truly free! Watch on Bitchite or Brighteon now!

What does freedom mean to you?

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This has been the most exciting Fireside Freedom Chat so far for The Freedom People. David Icke is the original “conspiracy theorist.” Amazing to be able to talk with him during this time when so much of what he warned people about is happening. He could be shouting I TOLD YOU SO, but he’s quite humble and speaks truly from his heart about love consciousness. Listen in for some reassurance and guaranteed goosebumps to know you’re with the right kind of crazies. Keep an eye out for his newest book Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, available in the US soon.

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The Return of the REAL Jedi!

Mitch joins us again on TFPP and it does not disappoint. Mitch and Brad discuss current events with humor and a positive attitude. Listen to hear about the creepy crawlers coming for your children and how having a family is the resistance. I think it’s safe to call Mitch an expert on the Chinese Communist Party; listen as he links many of the United States events back to the CCP.

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I’m Going to Jail. Who is going to feed my dog?!

Who is Nari? Nari works with Peggy Hall of The Healthy American. She is all about freedom of choice, freedom from tyranny, medical freedom, and freedom learning/education. Nari’s life is pretty exciting as she lives in downtown Los Angeles. She is representing her own thoughts and not The Healthy American. Certified badass Nari and Brad have a great conversation about what the heck is going on in the world.

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Let’s Go On An Adventure!

This Fireside Freedom Chat covers all kinds of topics as Brad and Emily chat with Andy Girard. Listen for some current news and what rabbit holes we are diving down. Let us know if you want to join in on Andy’s campaign to Antarctica! 🙂

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The Jab KILLED My Mother!

We were super blessed to meet with Marty Logan here in our home studio. He tells us the facts regarding his mother receiving the jab and passing the very next day. We are honored he came to tell us his story and the steps he is taking to find the Truth. We encourage you to listen and share with anyone you know considering the jab. There are few outlets willing to spread this sort of information out there.

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The Truth Warrior Legacy of Brandy Vaughn

Tina came and hugged us in the studio for a great conversation and beautiful warrior energy. She is the current president of learntherisk.org after founder and her good friend, Brandy Vaughn died a very suspicious, untimely death. Brandy was speaking out about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Tina shares her same mission, integrity, and passion for Truth.

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Are We all Just Money Prostitutes?

Lenka is a freedom fighter to her core. She immigrated to the US from Slovakia, and lived her story of the “American dream.” Only to realize America is infiltrated by the same communists, Lenka started to speak up against the system, was labeled as a lunatic but really it was her love for America causing her to speak up.

When 9/11 still didn’t wake people up she was frustrated to not be able to speak the truth and she felt totally suffocated. Lenka was led to the holistic community after getting cancer. She learned allopathic medicine is a legalized drug dealership system. Lenka teaches the mind, body, spirit connection to build a strong immune system. Recently Lenka started The Freedom To Breathe Agency and has been warned/deplatformed because of the COVID trojan horse.

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Firm In The Principles of Liberty

This Fireside Freedom Chat was lit with the torch of liberty! Hear Anthony’s opinions about Freedom, Liberty, the education/indoctrination system and how he was able to stay true to his principles while in the system.

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When California Goes WOKE

Nick Yaya is the host of Free America Podcast. It was the events of the past year that made Nick become more active in Los Angeles. NIck came from the entertainment industry, pursuing a career in Hollywood. He knew lockdowns were BS from the beginning, so he researched and shared information online. Congratulations to Nick earning accounts deleted on Facebook and Instagram, and two strikes on YouTube. He started the Free America Podcast to reach more people, one episode a week, and has been doing podcasts for about a year with guests of all backgrounds.

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How Many Drugs Does It Take to Get to The Center?

Andy Girard has many amazing stories. He has lived a crazy and full life already. He’s quite entertaining in retelling some of those life events and is on a mission to spread love to the world. There’s something for everyone in this episode, whether you need a laugh, a cry or some inspiration.

Why the Podcast?

“Necessity is the mother of all invention.” Brad has been labeled a conspiracy theorist for years and feels more excited than ever that recent events are causing more and more people to start asking more questions. This is The Great Awakening, not The Great Reset! From the beginning of the COVID Brad knew something didn’t smell right. Forced lockdowns and “mandates” have made Brad more fired up than ever. The Freedom People was born and you can hear Brad’s passion coming through the air waves. The podcast is Brad’s outlet to let people know they are not alone in this fight. Also part of The Freedom People is we.thefreedompeople.org a website for people to create a profile and connect and share information with other like minded individuals. The Freedom Directory found at directory.thefreedompeople.org is a resource for freedom loving businesses to connect to our freedom loving people.

The Truth is being totally inverted. It’s time to try and tip the scale and shout the Truth even louder.

Brad and Emily are optimists at heart and through their spiritual beliefs know the light will win. It’s never comfortable to go through change but we’re here to talk about it and make it just a little less uncomfortable. Focused on creating solutions different from the same system the problems stem from, decentralization is key. Listen in on our journey of Truth, love and liberty.

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